Ten No Matter facts only the Assamese folks can relate to

Mary Jane
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

7 May, 2015

Read on to discover 10 amazing facts that you will relate to only if you are an Assamese.

1. No matter how rude we are in front of our parents at home, in front of a friend’s parents we automatically switch to ‘Super Bhodro’ mode.

2. No matter how much you talk about How I Met Your Mother? , The Big Bang theory and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. all day, at 9 o clock every night, it is either Beharbari Outpost or Bharaghar that runs on your TV.

3. No matter which part of the country you take a trip to, you will never find a river mightier than the Brahmaputra.

4. No matter which political party we elect at Centre, they are never ridding the Bangladeshis off Assam.

5. No matter how Western our table manners become, forks and spoons will never feel like fingers. Tbh, we love to feel our food with our fingers. Let’s just admit it.

6. No matter how big a celebrity the performer on stage is, if it’s not Zubeen da, ‘phangson tu kiba joma nai, bidda’. Because no matter what, we will never have enough of our Zubeen da.

7. No matter which part of the state we belong to, we have all been through Nagaon on our way from somewhere to somewhere once in our life. All thanks to NH-37 for making the presence felt!

8. No matter how much our North Indian friends boast of their states, the fact that women find the streets of Assam a lot safer will always be our trump card.

9. No matter how practical and realist we say we are, but every time we hear the song ‘Jontro’ by Zubeen Garg, we can help losing ourselves into a trail of nostalgia.

10. No matter how much love and compassion we show towards our Naga brothers, they will never stop poking at our state.

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