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8 Things Revolving Around ‘Bonbhuj’ Every Axomiya Can Relate to

Bristi Sonowal
Intern, Bordoisila

28th December, 2015

A year is coming to an end and a new one is beginning. It is time to celebrate, to  pack your baskets and make merry under the open sun and beside the flowing river –to go out with family and friends for a picnic or as we , the axomiyas call –‘bonbhuj’. So continuing with the spirit of eating along and celebrating together, I have compiled a list of things revolving around bonbhuj that every axomiya will relate to-

1.Choosing the perfect place

The most important thing about a picnic is the picnic spot (obviously!). Some may want to spend their day beside a flowing river while others may want to venture deep inside the jungle and enjoy their meal. Some may want to trek their way out while some others may just want to sit and enjoy their day in the middle of nowhere. Whatever the mood be, the north-east has a perfect place for everyone. Sanctuaries like Nameri , Kaziranga, Manas; holy places like Aithan, Parasuramkund and places like Jagun, Guijaan, Bogibil etc serve as a perfect picnic spot.


Yea, company matters! Everyone wants to spend the last or the first day of the year with their loved ones. So, while some plan their picnics with their old buddies and do the all important catching up under the open sky and great food , others go out with their whole khandan (including the nosy aunties and the pestering cousins).


The food is the best part of any picnic. It has to be! The word ‘bhuj’ is itself there in ‘bonbhuj’, need I say any more? Just think about all the mouth-watering delicacies like ‘murgi’, ’puragahori’, ’hahormankho with kumura’ etc that are ultimate bonbhuj special. And of course there is boiled koni and bread aru jam waiting for us the moment we reach the spot.


A picnic is incomplete until and unless the drinks start flowing in .Uncles and Aunties get divided into groups and have a peg or two hiding from their children while the children have their own plans and do their jugaad to get the party started!

5.Music and dancing

Axomiyas can dance their way out into almost everything, be it the latest  Bollywood tracks or to the beats of dhul and pepa .So all the girls and the ladies, kokal tu khamushok and dance your way to “Sheila ki jawani” or “kajara re” while the boys belt out the popular numbers like “jile le jilele..aiyo aiyo jile le” or  ”Pedal mari mari”.

6.The picnic games

We are never too old to play games(no pun intended).Be it a 7year old or 57year old, everyone just drops their shyness and get on to their competitive spirit to win a prize or two, however small it may be. Games like tekeli bhanga and musical chairs will always remain the classic favourites.

7.Team work

Right from planning the picnic to going to the market to buy the supplies, to cutting and chopping veggies to cooking the food and doing cleaning after that, everyone join their hands and do their bits to make the day memorable and fuss free.Yay to team spirit!


Somewhere between the games , the eating and the drinking, there ought to be a xheng going on somewhere. We all axomiyas have a lil gorom tez in us. It may be a petty fight over which party’s spot it is or someone getting a lil carried away with the drinks and fighting over why the earth is round! How can we call it a day without a little drama, isn’t it?!

So folks, just pack your bags and go out to discover or rediscover a beautiful place with your loved ones. Just remember to clean up the place before you leave. You do not want to spoil the beauty of the place with the plastic glasses and rubbish, do you?

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