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This Is Perhaps the Most Nostalgic Axomiya Song You Will Hear on the Internet Today

Nishibonya Kakoti
Contributor, Bordoisila

30th March, 2016

“Tol Xora Bokulor, ekajoli hepahor, Gathisila mala tumi aapun pahora hoi”

Walking down the memory lane, we come across moments we wish we could live a million times over. Be it those lazy summer afternoons we spent sitting under the bokul tree or those easy romantic evenings we spent walking along the riverbanks, the reminiscence today is just a bitter-sweet thought that makes us smile. This song is an ode to the bokul tree and everything beyond.

The song has an element of yearn: words left unsaid, few things undone; the desire to drive back and relive the golden memories! After all, sometimes, memories take us to places we can’t find anymore! 

TOL XORA BOKULOR, is written by Mrs. Rulee Gohain with great subtlety; beautifully compiled by Mr. Ranjan Jyoti Gohain and sung by Mr.Arindam Gohain


Lyrics: Rulee Gohain, Ranjan Jyoti Gohain(Parents)

Composition: Arindam Gohain, Pritom Gohain Boruah,Nisad A Mahanta

Music Arrangement: Nisad A Mahanta, Pritom Gohain Boruah

Vocals(Lead and Backing): Arindam Gohain

Guitars(Acoustic, Electric and Bass): Pritom Gohain Boruah

Flute and Melodica: Nilanjan Chatterjee

Rhythm Section: Ken Kashyap

Cover Credits: Ankan Phukan, Nisad A Mahanta

Mixed And Masterd by/at : Ken Kashyap/ Swargam Multimedia, Guwahati

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