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Why Do We Apply Maah Halodhi In Bohag? Here's the Science Behind

Chayanika Mahanta
Intern, Bordoisila

24th April, 2016

Maah Halodhi xaani gaa dhua on the very first day of Bohag is a custom we all Axomia are quite acquainted with. However, have you ever thought why Bohag? Why not any other month? Let's find out.

1.Preparing ourselves for the approaching merciless summers

After Bohag, comes the summers and also the likelihood of many kinds of skin problems showing up. Halodhi that contains curcumin has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing qualities along with being a natural antiseptic. Whereas, Maah, a natural scrub with a cooling effect helps to remove dead cells and suntan. Perhaps the custom of Maah Halodhi xaani gaa dhua started as a preventive measure for the skin problems that summer brings along with it.

2.Bohag is the onset of romance

Ooo Runumai aaji tumak bhal loga nai, aaji Bohag’r protham dina tumi gaa’t Maah Halodhi xona nai, Runumai bhale loga nai.”

Dholia'e je Nasonik jukai. Bohag hoise Prem Piriti’r botor. This is the time when Love blossoms, Deka’e Gabhoruk monor kotha koi, poluai loi jai and what not. So, Bohag’r botorot everyone tries to look their best and impress their beloved. Glowing skin and soft long hair is the perfect combination. We all know that Halodhi makes the skin glow but did you also know that Maah adds growth and lustre to the hair? So, gom pala Dhunia Nasoni joni’r glowing skin’r secret?

And the best part is, it's all natural and therefore, far better than any cosmetics. So, after knowing all these beneficial features, how can someone resist from taking a bath with Maah and Halodhi. I'm sure you all will happily abide by this beautifying custom of Bohag Bihu, won't you?

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