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10 Everlasting Moments Every Assamese Student Living On Limited Pocket Money Can Relate To

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

11th March, 2016

Student life is all about friends, chaos, memories and those half filled pockets. And the days are like “Ghorot bujie napai aami je kiman kostot solibo lage eikhini poisa te”. More than targeting for that highest score in the class, there’s the tougher problem. In fact, the toughest of all the problems which every student comes across in their life and that is stretching the pocket money until the month’s end. And even though it is a damn serious issue for the ones going through it, there’s a funny side to it, at least for the friends watching you being ripped off penny by penny. So here I bring to you 10 such situations which every Assamese student facing the pocket money crisis faces or has faced too very often.

1.The “Yayyyy, I got the sms, Papa e poisa bhorai dile” part

This is the Day 1 scenario, when your father has just sent you the monthly budget. And that “King/Queen” feel you get, when your bank sends you a message, just makes your day.

2.Then you’d suddenly feel the urgency of gifting yourself

After that amazing news of a newly filled pocket, it wouldn’t take much time for you to realize that you need some stuff. This is the “Notun T shirt eta lagisil part.

Although that stuff may be remotely necessary, you simply can't keep your temptations at bay and end up presenting yourself those gifts.

3.The on and off trips to the ATMs

“Gutei khini ekeloge uliale khoros hoi jabo, olop olop koi withdraw korae bhaal hobo no?”

Since we know that taking out all the money from the account would make little sense, so to avoid spending all at once, we’d go for the ATM trips of 1000 and 500. I wonder if that actually works.


4.By the middle of the month we realize that we don’t have enough

People might think that the youngsters aren’t responsible towards money. But that can’t be entirely true, for we realize it deeply that we are running out of the bank support. But still we choose to live on with it and accept the impending difficult times. These days we have the attitude like “Baad de he, dekha jabo ki hoi”.

5.It is time now to make amendments

Once we come to that part, where we are scared as hell as to how 2/4th of our money is gone, and we have some 20 days left for the month to end, we make some huge amendments. It is time to commit ourselves to skip those outside food and not fooling around the shops. We decide to go out just once in 4 days to minimize the expenditures.

“Ekebare heidinae ulam aru hostelor pora, hodai hodai khoros koribole nai ru”

6.And that “go out once in 4 days” goes in vain

On that fateful 4th day, Bohut din bahirot khua nai re, aaji tu moi khaamei

At this time, we come to that extreme point where we lose our reasoning capacity. There’s no doubt we go out after 4 long days. But then what do we do? On the 4th day, we go out and spend more than twice the entire four day budget. All that reasoning goes out of the window.

7.And your friends make plans right when you are on the verge of bankruptcy

While all these damaging situations are going on with you, your friends suddenly come up with outing and partying schemes. And when you say you can’t join them, they would be like “Tur khali eiburei no, mood off kori dio toi aru”

8.The checking of account with a hope of finding something

“200 eta ase neki sai aahu bol sun”

While these days, ATMs transact in a minimum of 500 rupees, we still hope of a miracle to somehow withdraw that 200 from the account. This is the last resort of your planning budget. And if we’re lucky enough, we will find a way in one of the many ATMs, the ones which still believe in 100s.

9.The “in need” friends are always there

Now we’re literally broke. Our hearts feel dried up on the inside as if someone took away the water from a resin. And in those dreadful times, we see the ray of hope in that cool friend who will lend us some bucks to live through the rest of the eventful days of the month. And with love and tear filled eyes and a truly heavy heart, you’d say to your friend, “Bidda, dudin r bhitorot tuk di aasu ha, thanks re”. That time your friend is no less than the saviour Superman.

10.Finally, the end of the month is here

And with promises of not repeating those clichés and sticking to a strict budget, you make the call to your Dad, “Papa, paisa disa ne?

And the message flashing on your phone rushes blood to your body and  suddenly, you feel like the King/Queen again, and the whole cycle is back.

We never learn to spend less, not really. We travel the same road over and over again. But even with this limited pocket money, we’d have the best days of our lives. These will be the ones which can never be bought, not even with a million. So, keep weaving the countless memories with those limited pockets.

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