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10 Places Only a JEC Alumnus Can Relate to

Mondeep Bharali
Contributor, Bordoisila

11th January, 2016

It has been fifty five years since its establishment and our esteemed institute JEC is still beamingly surfing in the waves of glory. Thousands of engineers have passed out from this college and are currently working in various prestigious and influential positions all around the globe and that makes us all so very proud. This listicle below goes out to all the alumni who have had their contribution in the sustenance of this glory. So, here are the 10 places that only a JEC alumnus can relate to.

1.The Main building

The upright and tall, yet one of the most beautiful blocks of the JEC Campus has been unfalteringly standing since its establishment and I believe that a picture of this block is what every JEC alumnus carries in his heart for life.

2.The JEC Lake

Ah, the view! Imagine this. You are back in your college days. It’s an April Evening. And you are seated there on one of those benches breathing in the breeze. #Peace!

3.The College Canteen

The singoras and porothas of Bora da’s canteen have been curbing the munchies of all the students for years. Those days are gone for the alumni, but I’m sure the memories of all those addas over a cup of tea are still fresh. After all, memories are what we live on.


Right from shaping our convictions by all those inspiring, thought provoking lectures to all the fun that we have during the college-fests and other events, auditorium is that one place where you had had your best moments. Nostalgic, eh?


No matter how clichéd it may sound, hostel’r senti beleg. The hustle and bustle of the inter-hostel football and cricket matches, the mess’r khana, the late night conversations are some of the things you reminisce during those long lonely nights even today. And I can bet on that.

6.The JEC Playground

The playground is that another place where you got to showcase all your sporting skills. And remember those inter-hostel cricket matches where you’d hit a boundary and pat your bat on the ground with that Sachinish smile on your face?



Workshop was the place where you had your first encounter with machineries and equipment that eventually ended up being a part of your everyday life. The big Engineer nisina feeling is what we got there for the very first time.

8.The Library

Queuing up for the books so that belege kitabkhon loi najae. Those days, ah!


There’s only one thing that I have got to say about this place: this place has always had the best saah and puri at a very affordable price. Always.

10.JEC Gate

Well, it’s not the same old gate anymore; it got a structure on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebrations. But yes, the crowd here is always the same. The way you left it years back.

Hope you had a good read and I believe the places made you take a walk down the memory lane. In case I missed out on something, please share them in your comments below.

Photographs by Abhimanyu Hazarika.


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