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10 Places Only a Kaziranga University(KU) Alumnus Can Relate To

Smita Dey
Contributor, Bordoisila

27th December, 2015

Located in the 'Knowledge city of Assam', Kaziranga University has been the best emerging private University of North-East offering numerous courses and building it's way into the global broadway. Each year hundreds of students bag knowledge, experiences and memories that they scored in their college life and leave the University to accomplish their life goals. So to boost up those precious memories, here we have 10 places only a KU student can relate to :

1.The Lobby

Remember the first day in college? Waiting in the queue for the admission? It all started here. This beautiful luminiscent lobby has been a part of every KU student's life and holds it's own significance. Be it the essential notices put up in the main boards, the awaiting parcels or your parent's surprise visits, you just can't do without the lobby area.

2.The Park

There is no wilderness like a life without friends. This green lush has been a hub for all the students at KU. Catching up with their crew, enjoying the college gossip, waiting for your friends, or just chilling out taking groupfies and spending quality time, this park makes any KU student syrupy. :)

3.Lover's point/ staircase

And what is life without love? College is incomplete without a chapter of love. Spot all the lovebirds here either romancing (wink! ;) )or convincing their lover over a cute fight. As some lovey-dovey stories end here with a sad note, some also build the foundation of their relationships. Awwwwww.... I love love :)


This chariali located in the Jorhat city has been the junction for every meet ups. Also it is here that the tedious journey to the college starts from. Either boarding a magic, meeting your friends on weekends or taking your own ride to the college, Baruah-chariali has seen every KU student.


The route to the college holds many 'magic' memories (you know what I mean :P). Hahaha...
These students overcome the lazy trips to college by either getting dreamy in their favourite tracks in their playlist or chatting with their friends or enjoying the robust highway in their lover's shoulder. Magic has a huge role to play in any KU student's life.


The goongti(small roadside shops) is the most important and resourceful place at KU. Basically you get everything here. EVERYTHING!!! ( hehhee...) C'mn, I mean bliss! :P

7.The Seminar Hall

This hall takes any KU student down the memory lane. Starting with the special guest lectures, the enlightening seminars, the heart racing ppts, the dozzing off in between the monotonous lectues and specially the leveling up of CoC and candy crush in those boring dicsussions. The students took the 'beyond' part of 'KU, knowledge and beyond' too seriously. :'D

8.The Cafeteria

There's alot you can say over a cup of coffee, but here we say alot over a cup of chai, paranthas, rolls, fried rice and what not! The counter is always crowded with all the 'bhukkars' waiting for their plates. And if you are lucky, you might even score a plate of someone else's sumptuous food too. Well...I sure did. :D
 Btw, try the baba rolls here. They are delicious!

9.The field

All the sporty people can easily relate to the field.
Not into sports? Remember all the fun you had during the college fest? Yeah. Me too :)


Last but not the least, the 'hostel'. Every night in the hostel is fun. Birthdays are scary yet fun in the hostels. Bursting crackers in the corridors. Also the pre-exam-prep-nights, the late night addas, the 3 a.m maggi!(Maggi :'(), the yucky mess food. For the girls, having a huge collection of wardrobe to choose from. Your girls will make sure you look the best for your date. The late night entries and then making excuses to the security guards to let you in. Hostel life is a lifetime experience. We hate it but we love it.

Although mugging formulaes, completing assignments, waking up for those boring lectures, and studying the entire sem on the night before the exam gave us some pretty tough days, we still continue to love our college and wish if we could only spend a few more years!


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