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10 Places Only a Cotton Alumnus Can Relate to

Mrinmoy Buragohain
Contributor, Bordoisila

20 May, 2015

Founded by Sir Henry Stedman Cotton in the year 1901, our dear Cotton College is perhaps the most prestigious institution of higher education in the entire North Eastern region. Every year hundreds of students pass out of the college and when they leave, they don’t just walk away with their graduations diplomas. No,not one bit. Along with diploma, every Cottonian takes away his/her share of ‘Cotton Senti’ and no matter how much of a ‘Dangor Manuh’ he/she becomes in life, the fact that life is never going to be half as awesome as it used to be back in Cotton remains the absolute ‘Hoitto’. Talking of ‘ Senti’ ,here is a list of ten places you can relate to ‘If and only if ‘ you have been a Cottonian in your life.

1.Church Gate & The Food Stalls: From Chips to Chaat, and puchkas to paranthas, this one place has been feeding famished Cottonians forever perhaps.

2.MCB lobby: After admissions, this is the place where everyone gathered for the first time. Remember your first day at college?

3.Canteen: The addas makes this place worthwhile. Otherwise, it’s just tea, coffee and stuff.

4.KBR Auditorium: From freshman social to Cultural nights, KBR Auditorium is the Hub of all Cultural activities. Also, who can forget their admission and form fill-ups?

5.Sudmerson hall: An alternative to KBR Auditorium, this place will remind us all of the College Weeks and the addas after classes at the Physics Department or the New Arts Building.

6.SKB Library: A rather impressive structure, this one place is for books , magazines, internet and most importantly-PEACE. No wonder how many hours of introspection and soul searching have been spent within these hallowed walls!

7.BKB:This is another place every Cottonian can relate to.

8.T Ao Indoor stadium: The place for all indoor games be it badminton, table tennis, or carom. Remember waiting for your turn to play?

9.Shortcut to Zoology/Botany department through SNBC hostel: Our very own convenient shortcut to reach the class on time.

10.The Hostels: Just like students of all other colleges in perhaps the entire world, Cottonians too will always have a ‘Senti’ for their respective hostels. These archaic looking Assam type houses have provided food, shelter and above all happiness to many great minds since time immemorial. From election campaigns to burning the midnight oil the night before semester finals, from diwali nights to ‘Balam Pichkaris’(read holi), hostel life is that one part that has made sure we never felt ‘home sick’ no matter how far away from home we were. And ‘Non-hostellers’, I hope you still remember the election times.

Having said it all, here is a beautiful thought by George Foreman I’d like to leave you with, “It’s great to reminisce about good memories of my past. It was enjoyable when it was today. So learning to enjoy today has two benefits : it gives me happiness right now, and it becomes good memory later.” In the end, there is one last line I would like to add : ONCE A COTTONIAN ALWAYS A COTTONIAN.

Photographs by Purnendu Palash Baruah & Mrinmoy Buragohain

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