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10 Places Only an Assam Agricultural University Alumnus Can Relate To

Biraj Kalita & Sourav Mazumdar
Contributor, Bordoisila

28th April, 2016

Assam Agricultural University established in 1969 is one of the earliest institutions of its kind in Assam. Every year hundreds of grads and post-grads walk out of our grand institution with degrees in their hands and memories on their minds. Here is an article dedicated to each and every one of you. Make way for nostalgia.

1.Foot Bridge

Meandering play of the ponds, mesmerizing views from the bridge, the breeze of harmony with quantifying clusters of flowers on the declivity hankers anyone for a selfie. Fishing in the ponds on Holi is a thing which every Agrian yearns for.


The best part about the canteen is not the tea or coffee but is the part when you get girdled with your friends and the laughter soaring all around gives a benevolent smile to others too.

3.M.C.Das Memorial Auditorium

For the very first day of college, every freshman gathers here for their orientation programme. People say old is gold, and when it comes to old memories, they are precious and priceless. Remember those first days of your college life, Agrian?

4.Biponi Complex

From Jun da's maggi to Rinku da's puffed patize; to Airtel's pork dry fry to Ishwar da's stationary shop, this complex helps you meet all your basic amenities.

5.AAU Playground

All the hype and all the enthu for sports that one wants to find here, can find it on the AAU playground. The devotees of sports drive away their evenings at their belligerent best and deliver their best performances.


The knowledge hub, Reverand. B.M.Pugh Central Library consists of hundreds of books that help us refine ourselves and ace any competition in the outside world. The hunt for litchis beside the library beneath the azuring sky truly leaves an imprint on our minds. And of course during the exam period, one can see students hustling in and out of the Xerox centre in the library.

7.AAU Plaza

The nucleus, the heart of the AAU landscape where serenity prevails. The place is full of exotic ornamental plants that are rarely found in the entire state. A perfect place for hanging out with friends, when classes get cancelled. Do you remember those old days, Alumni?

8.ICR Farm

The lush greenery of the crops, the desire to race to reach the top of the water tank, the PCP plot, every Agrian can relate to these nostalgic and fond memories. The PCP plot being our most cherished part of the Under Graduate programme.


It is one of the strong holds of the AAU, Jorhat; well equipped with the latest technologies and where a large number of projects are coordinated. Apart from this, the place is also blessed with picturesque sceneries and beautiful flowers that bloom all year round. One cannot ignore the beauty of those magnificent flowers and the ripe fruits that grow in the orchard. Everyone of us has atleast once made our way into the orchard to taste those fruits.

10.DBT Building

Considered to be 'the mall' by us students, The DBT building is the lastest and most sophisticated addition to the AAU campus.

11.Honourable mentions

1. The Entrance Area: The way to the tempo stand.

2. Maggie Point: The ultimate place for a noodle connoisseur here in our very own AAU.

This 6-8 may, come be a part of our first university fest, Aventine 2016. Join the celebrations,share the happiness. Your alma mater awaits.

Photo Credits : Deepjyoti Paul & Angshuman Bezbaruah

Special Thanks : Kangkan Kakati


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