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10 Places Only an NIT Silchar (REC) Student can relate to

Aveek Baruah
Contributor, Bordoisila

30 July, 2015

Located in the warm climes of Barak Valley, NIT Silchar (erstwhile REC Silchar) has seen many generations pass through its hallowed classrooms since 1967. The initial scepticism of the students at the thought of travelling to this remote corner of the country ultimately turns to nostalgia as they leave behind the place where they had their most euphoric days. In this vein, here are 10 places NITSians will have forever etched in their memories.

1. Point

Be it a leisurely stroll, some grocery shopping or hailing auto-rickshaws to Silchar town, this little place in front of NITS is immortalized in the hearts of countless NITians as ‘NIT Point’ or ‘Point’

2. GH

An acronym for that impregnable fortress called Girls’ Hostel, the gates of GH open to guys only twice during the year on the auspicious occasions of Saraswati Puja and Diwali.

3. Lovers’ Lane

The famed route from the GH to the Boat Club, where lovebirds could be found strolling in the afternoons. A place from where gossip emanates and rumour mills start running, many NITians vouch for this place as where their love blossomed, or tragically ended with the discovery of their beloved in the arms of another.

4. Round Building

The bastion of red tape-ism in the campus, students flock to the Administrative Building, colloquially known as the ‘Round Building’ due to its peculiar shape, for purposes as varied as scholarships, grade cards, to kowtowing in front of the all-powerful Deans.

5. Indie Lake

In the spring days of March, this scenic lake comes to life as it plays host to a multitude of budding independent artistes. At other times, this spot serves as a serene hangout for friends and couples.

6. Fair Price Shops

Contrary to their name, these shops on campus are anything but fair. On weekdays, it’s a hubbub of people shopping for stationary, getting a haircut, or just plain old hanging out bunking classes. Love them or hate them, you inevitably gotta pay them a visit during the exam season to Xerox your innumerable class notes!

7. Ghats

The ghats become a hotspots of activity during the technical and cultural fests, when they act as the venue for water sports like zorbing. Girls and boys frequent this secluded zone for some much needed leisure after the classes.

8. SAC

A staple of almost every college, it’s no different here in the NITS’ Sports and Activity Centre. Ardent indoor sport lovers throng the halls playing to the fullest, while a whole new ambience creeps in come freshers’ season. Orientations, freshers’ social, proms, inter-NIT sports meet practice and whatnot, this is one place that is abuzz with activity all the year round.

9. Canteens

NITSians wouldn’t be half the size they were if it were not for these canteens that dot every hostel! Famed for being saviours from the bland mess food, and well as for their magnanimous ledgers, fondly called “khaata” (infamous for running into thousands of rupees for some), the canteens come to rescue especially during the exam times, to feed the starving souls up all night.

10. Water Tanks

These monolithic structures throughout the campus are a favourite haunt of boys on night outs. Climbing to the tanks is a task in and of itself, and proves to be a heady experience. Many batches have come and gone, but these monoliths stand unperturbed, inviting thrill seekers to its zenith.

Photographs by Jyotishman Talukdar


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