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10 Reasons Why Every Axomiya Deka Wants To Date a Handique College Girl

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

12th March, 2016

Haters gonna hate but I'm just calling a spade a spade - from books to fashion, intelligence to wittiness and chirpiness to creativity, the girls of Handique college excel in each and every field. Our Axomiya Deka loras always dream to have a Handique College Girl as their girlfriend. Here’s a list of top 10 reasons as to why an Axomiya Deka longs to date a Handique'r Suali: 

1.Aizou Dehi! Rupe Gune Huoni

A pretty girl with a low IQ? Uh, No! That is the rarest feature one can find in a Handique girl. A Handique girl is a perfect combo of beauty with brains. Rupe Gune Huoni Suali. Axomiya Deka loras can’t wait to utter, "Aizou dehi ki suali"!!!

2.One just can't help but exclaim , " Mon Hira Doi".

While every girl is at her traditional best in a Saree but the way a Handique girl carries her Saree is what makes her stand out. And guys are like, "Taik dekhilei ekebare mon hira doi jen lage he!!

3.Tai Akakhor Chandrama ne Torali Dhunia

A Handique girl is a complete package of sheer talent and good looks. She is every Axomiya Deka’s favourite dream girl and guys be like, "kun ou aijoni akakhor chandrama...(hobone tai koina mur dhunia).

4.She is the Debate Master- The Non Azoli Suali

Quizzes, debate, extempore are what the pluses of a Handique girl are. These smart ladies can give a tough time to their counterparts when it comes to winning a debate. So guys, next time anyone tells her an azoli suali, beware of the after effects.

5.Axom Dekhor Suali is the tag she always carries along with a grin

Every Handique College girl is a beauty to admire. What makes her special is that she is always grounded to her roots. She is an epitome of classic Axomiya Dhunia Suali. Dekahot, keep trying new ways to impress your girl.

6.Moina Kun Bidhatai Hajile Tumar Podum Sokuti

It’s a proven fact that a Handique girl expresses in the most vivid ways. The cute smiles, the crazy giggles and the naughty winks, amar deka lora bure holagi koi je moina kun bidhatai hajile tumar podum sokuti.

7.Tai Sonsol Nohoy Kothoki Ako

They surely don’t mock or bitch around but a healthy gossip is a part of good conversations, right? Never mind to think otherwise as they simply don't care and, you will find most of the Handique girls with this talkative quality. Isn’t that cute???

8.Bohagor Rani Mur Bihu Nasoni Joni

When it comes to Bihu, a Handique girl is always at her active best. She puts her best foot forward to dance to the traditional Bihu songs making the onlookers go berserk. Sengelia deka lorai nuguakoi nuware, "O dehi oi noukoi jilike tumar gal dukhoni oi. Hahile jilike daat."

9.A girl from Handique is a sure-shot Lajuki lota - The Girl Next Door

A Handique girl makes the best girlfriend with that cute shy nature of hers the first time she first converses with a guy. And much to the delight of our axomiya dekas ; they go "aiyoi lajuki lota joni".

10.Chol Gori Le Jabo Tuke Mur Gaon

Handique girls are the ones who have a goodness of both the urban and rural world. Guys dating these ghaborus  are the luckiest of all. 

As goes the saying of John Keats , "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". So, to all the Axomiya Dekas; next time you are planning to get on your knees to propose your girl, keep in mind these awesome 10 reasons which make every Handique college girl a 10 on 10.

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