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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out Technisia 2K16

BBEC Literary Group
Contributor, Bordoisila

26th March, 2016

Technisia, the annual techno-cultural fest of Bineswar Brahma Engineering College is round the corner. Technisia was first conducted in 2014, by a  bunch of visionaries with an underlying idea of creating at the time ethereal state for all its patrons for four days, when the chill of winter has left their lives and spring comes down with a new hope, a new bud.

With the same thought in our mind,bbec celebrates the third edition of this cultural extravaganza, Technisia 2k16.

So let’s see what’s in store for you.

1.The Biggest Event in the region

Everyone knows the reputation of Kokrajhar (thanks to the local news channels). In spite of all that, Technisia stands out to be one of the most successful events in the region.

2.‘Noxious’ gaming

Indulge yourself in an experience where friends are no longer friends, brothers are no longer brothers, where every second, every move counts. This is the fierce battle of shooting, racing, where your skills are tested to the limit. Blink an eye and its game over!! Can you beat the odds??

3.Charisma-The Model Hunt

Tired of watching T.V.? Tired of watching movies? Tired of staring at the books for hours? Want to see something exquisite? Something eye-popping? Then look no further, looks that will mesmerize you, style that will thrill you, attitude and personality that will leave you blind-sighted. Watch these young, ambitious and beautiful upcoming models battle for the one glorious award-The title of Mr. and Miss Charisma.

4.6 Wicket Cricket and 5 on 5 football

Watch the hit and run battle of these “warriors” as they battle it out amongst some toughest players. Every run, every wicket, every ball counts as you may be one run or ball too short of being a champion.

And the fierce battle, as 5 men face another bold 5 men in this action packed sport. Are you good enough to score that one divine goal?

5.Krockrock- The Battle of Bands

One of the many highlights  Bands! Bands! Bands! Bands banging their phenomenal music into the very core of our souls. This is the paradise for all music lovers. Scream, Shout, and enjoy to your heart’s content as these bands battle it out in one of the most famed battle of bands, “Krockrock”.

6.Silver Steppers- The Dance Extravaganza

Missed a beat of this high tempo journey? Fear not! Silver steppers is here to the rescue. The high intensity dance show. Don’t even dare to blink an eye or miss something spectacular.


For all you braniacs out there, it is time to prove who the “Megamind” amongst you all is. Dare to accept the challenge?


Want to learn something new? Perhaps, something exciting. Look no further as we promise to deliver one of the best experiences in the form of new technology- A proof that we are living in the future.

9.Treasurehunt- The Amazing Race

It’s time to awaken the “curious” you. Put on your mystery goggles and embark on a journey that will lead you to the glory. Hunt for clues, decode puzzles, the only enemy being time. Race against your opponents, team work is crucial in this action packed adventure called The Amazing Race.

10.The Meganight

The night everyone has been waiting for, saving the best for the last. With artists like Zubeen, Dimpi Sonowal, Siddarth Basrur performed in the past years, get ready to put your hands in the air as we present this year, “The Local Train” for all of you.

We hope you all join us and make the event a successful one. See you there on 26, 27 & 28 March, 2016.

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