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10 Things Only a Christ Jyoti School Alumnus Can Relate to

Sazidur Rahman
Content Developer, Bordoisila

13th April, 2017

Last Christmas I paid a visit to my school. As I entered the premises through that familiar gate and took a glance around, bitter sweet memories of those bygone years cluttered in my mind, and before long I was lost in a trail of nostalgia.

Christ Jyoti stood there in its full charisma. Although a lot of the campus has changed, I noticed there was that one thing that would never change- the overpowering aura that perpetually hung around the complex. Walking down the verandah, as I reminisced about the countless days I had spent here it occurred to me to share some honeyed memories with all of you. This story is my humble attempt to take you on a walk down the memory lane. Here’s a list of ten things a Christ Jyotian can relate to. Enjoy your read.

1.The Uniform

The first thing that pops in your mind are the 4 sets of uniform. And the struggle every morning to find either the right pair of socks or the right shirt for the day that followed.

2.The Assembly Bell

The run-up to the morning assembly bell is perhaps when all the socializing happened. All fresh and pumped up for the day, we would be in our jolly best. At the ring of the bell, we would walk out of our classrooms and soon enough all the students would arrange themselves in three lines that run through all the three floors of school verandah.

3.The Morning Assembly

These 30 minutes sessions were complete with book reading, prayer recital, news reading and a short entertainment program. Every day a new class would be assigned for the assembly services, and it was particularly fun to enjoy some pretty good performances. And of course how can we forget that one person who would faint right in the middle of the prayer recital and had to be subsequently rushed to the classroom.

4.The Lunch Break

This was the time when we would catch up with the gossips, play or just spend some time with the gang. I would particularly look forward for the lunch break all day because of the good 30 minutes of playtime it provided. Girls generally preferred to walk around the garden or sit under the shades.

5.The Computer Lab

I have a very vivid memory of one thing about the computer lab. It is the notice outside that reads “TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES & SOCKS BEFORE ENTERING.” With shoes and socks neatly lined outside, to me the place often felt more like a place of worship.

6.The Field

Otherwise known as the back field, the place has a lot of memories etched to our minds. Right from the throng outside the canteen to the ice-cream seller who used to smuggle home-made lollies, there was always some drama happening at the back field. We also enjoyed many good cricket and football matches here.

7.The Stage

It was the hub of all cultural celebrations. Be it Teachers' Day, Children's Day, or Annual Day celebrations, I am pretty sure many of you did your first performing arts gig on these few yards of concrete platform. And perhaps it gave you all that confidence to become what you're today.

8.The Report Card Distribution

Remember all the feels on the report card distribution day? How your class teacher never forgot to report all your shenanigans, and by the time she would be done explaining everything to your parents, you could already sense that you were in deep waters. 


9.The Final Bell

Towards the end of the day we would all be sluggish, tired and desperately waiting for the bell to ring. And when it finally did ring, all hell broke loose. I still remember instances when the rowdiest boys (me included) would not even bother to zip their bags, and would leave a trail of belongings falling out behind as they scurried down the school building.

10.And finally the man behind

I guess the story would not be complete without our very dear Reverend Father G K Prakash. So I decided to pay him a visit as well. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

  • What is your most favorite thing about Christ Jyoti School?
  • To see my students score good grades & all the love and affection we get from Nagaon townsfolk.
  • Your message for all the alumni.
  • I wish you become useful to the community , society & the nation

It’s been over six years since I passed out of this hallowed institution and yet every memory is as fresh as though it was only yesterday I had walked in to the school for the very first time. How fast time flies, it really makes you wonder.

My fellow Christ Jyotian, I wish more power to you.

Best Regards,

Sazidur Rahman

With special thanks to Abhijyoti Nath for his captivating photography. 

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