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10 Things Only a Salt Brook Academy Alumnus Can Relate to

Bidisha Buragohain
Intern, Bordoisila

28th February, 2017

Because being a Brookian is not only our pride, it is a part of what we are today.

Hellooo, amigos. I hope you’re all doing fine. Now I know it’s been years you passed out and memories have become a lot hazier, so here’s a little something from one Brookian to another. To take you on a walk down the memory lane, a ride down the emotional roller-coaster. Enjoy your read.

Welcome to Salt Brook Academy- my sweet alma mater.

1.The Boiragimoth Chariali

No matter if you are a day-scholar or a hosteller, you just can’t think of your Salt Brook days without hazy memories of this place clouding up. With a variety of shops and fast food corners around,  this place serves as the hotspot for regular addas.

2.The Uniform

The standard grey colored uniform with a plaid necktie! Do I need to explain any further?

3.The Freshmen Social

Unlike most colleges, Salt Brook just never believed in starting academic sessions with a boring Monday morning class. What better occasion than Freshman Social. With inspiring speeches and energetic performances, Salt Brook Academy welcomes its new members to join the glorious journey towards a better life.

4.The Hostels

The second home to all boarders, we know memories of these walls are forever etched to our minds. From the birthday night surprises to Holi and Diwali celebrations, the hostels always made us feel at home.

5.Monastery Fast Food Corner

This place is the only constant thing in the fast changing scenario of Boiragimoth. Known for it’s delicious momos, rolls and fried rice, Monastery Fast Food Corner has been serving famished Brookians since years.

6.Aswini Sir and his songs

Happiness is having an ever energetic and dynamic director who is a fabulous singer too. Nile Nile Ambar Par and Bidekhot Apun Manuh are some of the evergreen songs that will make us remember Aswini Dowerah Sir over and over again.

7.College Canteen

What else can be a better replacement for the always complained hostel food than our very own college canteen. The best place to satisfy our never ending hunger in an affordable price.

8.Saazid Daa’s Shop

Be it filling up of different forms for different entrance exams or getting a Xerox done, Saazid Daa’s shop has been serving as the sole trustworthy venue for all the Brookians throughout these years.

9.The Post-Result Celebration

Yes! I am talking about that time of the year when the H.S results of the state are declared. Salt Brook Academy is known for its consistent excellent performance and it has managed to bag many positions amongst the top 10 since 1999. With many media vehicles parked near the campus since the morning and the singing-dancing and interview session after the result declaration, this red letter day is one of the most furtir din for all the Brookians.

10.The Last Day

The colourful faces, the egg smashed hair, the dirtied shirt with signatures and good wishes scribbled all over it, and the last walk together! A slideshow of memories floods my mind as I write about that one last day. As the song goes “…Am really gonna miss this place, am gonna miss my college days…”. Every Brookian, wherever they are will always miss the two golden years they have spent in this beautiful place.

For the love and pride of being a Brookian!

“Once a Brookian, always a Brookian”

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