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10 Unforgettable Memories Every Cottonian Can Relate To

Monikongkona Boruah
Content Developer, Bordoisila

7th May, 2016

Walking through the grand corridors of the most prestigious institute for higher education in Northeast India, we Cottonians go through a lot of stuff and eventually develop, what I like to call, ‘Cotton senti’

So walk with me through the lane beside KBR Hall into the Library, no wait, not the library; to the canteen and relive the senti.

1.I still have to deal with two pass-course papers besides my core paper even when I am in the sixth semester.

2.Come September and I see all the hostels gearing up and putting out their candidates for contesting the much awaited general elections. And also inviting everyone to the hostels for lunch!

3.Sometimes I sit on the benches near the MCB building and watch the HS students turning into a high-speed train and collectively rushing from botany to the physics department. Or vice versa.

4.Reaching the chemistry department on time if you are a zoology/botany student is completely out of question. On time? Its a myth. We are always late.

5.It's a little weird that the S. K. Bhuyan library has a book-search engine both of whose id and password are ‘pupil’.

6.I spent most of my first semester trying to figure out what in the world the abbreviations in the routine they gave us, meant.

7.A plate of chicken fried rice for thirty bucks in the canteen is such a life saviour in between those classes.

8.Every August, this crazy energy floats around in the KBR Hall on freshers; with fresh faces and loud music, it’s a party in every corner of the hall!

9.Each hostel has their own shout-out cry and you be like ‘S..K...L..Wooh!’ or something like that during elections if you belong to any one of the hostels.

10.Above all, I am honoured to be a part of this great old institution and wouldn’t miss a chance to hang out with my friends at the coffee house or sit at the stairway leading to the library.

After all, ‘aaji Cotton’e ji bhabe, kaile Axom’ei heitu bhabe’.


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