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11 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Phoenix 2016

JEC Literary Club
Contributor, Bordoisila

14th March, 2016

It’s PHOENIX’16 this March and here are 11 awesome reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this 3 day campus fest of Jorhat Engineering College slated for 18th, 19th and 20th of March.

1.Amongst the ‘Oldest’ and the ‘Best’ !

Popular among the Nerd-Herd and the Cool- Mob alike, Phoenix’16, legacied as one of the best college fest in North-East is all set to take the bar higher than standards.

2.The Moshpit Glory!

Phoenix’16, as forever, stands to be the central hub of Bands breathing music. Whether a team player or a lone wolf, Powerchord and The Solitary Riffer aims to bring out and glorify the best in you.

3.The Literary Bout!

Are you a wizard of thoughts and a hero of words? Are you a scribbler or a doodler? Phoenix’16 brings you the grandest literary duel in The literary Bout, with direct guidance to authordom by successful Authors across the nation.

4.Its more M.A.D.D.D....!!

Phoenix’16 brings you an extra dose of Music- Art- Dance-Drama-Debate! All forms and all genres will meet their love in these 3 days of extravaganza.
Unplugged, Razzmatazz , The Beat Street , Jetuka , Mantrana , Avant Garde, Rangmanch, Gaming Godz!!
You name it, we have it.

5.Its Technically Management-alized!

Phoenix is also straight from those engineers who can’t let their geek mode go off. And to top, this Phoenix is management-alized! Technosphere is following tradition and has readied ‘Technical’ challenges anew, to test the nerdy you!
Phoenix’16 is also providing the rarest dais to test your business acumen. TheWinning-B Plan, Hero Hunt and 30s of fame is for the first entrepreneur of your type, the first you!

6.Its Q-licious!

Being accepted as one of the ultimate arenas of grey cell test, Phoenix’16 is being more delish with the 6 course meal for the quizzers in the quiz festival: Braingrill . With super quizmasters Aryapriya Ganguly and Major ChandrakantaNair, can this fest be missed?

7.Charisma, Glitz and Glamour.

No place is better than our campus to have your Charisma groomed by mega designer Abhijit Singha ! If you think you have the X and Glamour is synonymous with you, Trendz invites you be tested by Mega Miss North East 2015, Jessica and Mega Mr. North East 2015, Babul.
P.S: The winners get to contend for being the Mega North East title successors!



Phoenix’16 aims to create memories for you and help you  preserve them too!! With workshops and contests, Creatrix is giving you the chance to put up the best still show and be appreciated by one of the largest crowds of Axom.
It will be Panoramic!

9.Party on my mind!

With two back to back DJ nights, we guarantee you the best party time with the best crowd of Assam. Energetic and fun-filled, Phoenix’16 will provide the most stress free dance floor,‘literally’.

10.Can you miss out ANUSHKA MANCHANDA??

11.Because we are waiting for you!!!!

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