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11 Things You Realise After You Start College

Anidrita Saikia
Intern, Bordoisila

2 September, 2015

The first days in college are always memorable. New faces, new classes, new professors and for some of us, the freedom of it all, be it from our uniforms or the rigid classes in school! Some of us find it amazing, some of us still can't believe it and the misanthropists who can't stand change hate it. But all of us learn a lot of new things, things that go beyond the classroom. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have painted rosy pictures of college life: students in the latest trends hanging out by the canteen, the unavoidable "Khadoos" professor, categorising students into nerds, jocks, cool dudes, weirdos, always bunking classes and so many stereotypes.
However, most of us are in for a rude wake up call. College is really nothing like how they show in the films.
Here are 11 things you come to realise when you get settled into college.

1. Balance is everything.

From classes at nine to meeting new friends to completing new assignments to studying, college life is all about balance.

2. Money matters.

Handling money, on our very own, can be an exciting and quite intimidating affair. But from buying our books and stationary supplies to checking out the coolest joints in the city, the scale of monetary finances is something that’s truly daunting.. And at one time or another, you will find yourself with a bit too less.

3. College can be exhausting!

How many of us first started off all eager and bright eyed, only to be totally drained at the end of the day! This is especially relatable to those of us who have a big campus.
“Oh, the physics department from the zoology department? Ei goromot? Nokobi!!!!”
Every Cotton College student has heard this at least once.

4. You cannot force relationships. (Or even friendships, for that matter.)

Having a crush on someone in college is only about the most natural and most obvious thing that can happen to a student. And more often than not, it’s usually one sided. You can never force someone to love you or even like you. The best part is just to be yourself and handle the situation gracefully and in a mature way.

5. There are all kinds of people in this society.

Be it from small towns or big cities or even villages, you will meet people from all kinds of places in college, having different backgrounds. All of us are different in our own way and have something to show the world.

6. It’s okay to mess up once in a while.

What with the new rush of experiences, it’s bound that academics take a backseat, especially in the first semester. But sinking down a grade or so doesn’t make it the end of the world. All we can do is just to work hard. Seriously, there really is no shortcut to success.

7. A good friend can be found in the most unlikely place.

Most of us feel at a loss during our first time in college. Our school friends are all off in different parts of the country and without anyone to share a word with, college can truly be a difficult place. But the best part? Unlike school, people here are more accepting of your views and opinions, thus making the bonding process easier!

8. All of us around you are aiming for the same things.

Good grades. Being accepted by society. Being cool. Having a great social circle. Yet, it really is a long way to the top, and as #1 says it, balance is everything.

9. No one really knows where they’re heading.

This can’t be more true. We may be focused, smart, driven with a stack of good grades and big dreams of cracking all the big exams and whatnot, but the future is just as murky as the puddles in the potholes left by last night’s rain. Kune ki jaane kot ketia boroxun di diye!

10. No matter how many cool eateries are there near your college, you’re going to get bored of them one day.

That place which has really good chow. The really old tea house. That momo wala jagah. Or even the local puchkawalah. Hey dosa cart khon. The initial excitement of trying out everything only lasts a few months.

11. If you’re living away, then family takes a whole new meaning.

We always hear the age old line that family comes first. Only after living away from them, do you realize how much you miss them.


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