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12 Things That Make Dibrugarh University a Home Away From Home

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

21st July, 2016

For others it is a university, for the students it is a place that defines them.

There can never be a better place for making memories than the classrooms. The bunking lectures, the canteens, the hangout places, the auditoriums and the inevitable exam halls; they all together make your college life. But in Dibrugarh University, it is also about the beautiful Nahor trees around the campus, the serene nights, the tea gardens and the aura of Dibrugarh around every corner. You can’t explain the feel of the University until you’re a part of it. For me, the University will always be like a home. But when I was asked to do a piece on the University, I wasn’t quite sure what to write and what not. So I decided to write about the certain places, the certain things that give me the Dibrugarh University feel that we wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

1.The first step towards the campus is the Jyoti Batsora

This is one of the most famous points of the University. Either waiting for the night supers or parking your bicycles, this is definitely where all the memories begin. And when you are supposed to meet someone, most of the times, it is,“Oi Jyoti Batsora loike aahija moi ulai goi aasu!”

2.Canteen No.3 is by far the most common canteen here

Dibrugarh serves the best teas, and in the university, the saah cup of Canteen No.3 is always a great idea. And for most of us, we can’t stop with just a cup.

3.The never ending queues at the Administration Building (AB) are always fun

Following the tradition of student hood, we go for fee submissions only prior to the last dates. And there will be the long queues of the students thronging the AB, making it just another hangout place.

“Oi  ABt bohut dighol line bey, last date tu pisuale hoi aru.”

4.There’s nothing like the Varsity days and the sports

The University comes alive in the Varsity days. The battles on the playgrounds among the different departments and the cheering and supporting of your departments make it an one-of-a-kind festival of the University. The University doesn’t sleep in those days.

“Oi aji B Pharm aru CMS r Volley match ase, bol jau!”

5.Then we all are very keen to visit the library for different reasons

Although some of us do actually visit the library outta our love for books, most of us go there for the “Rooti Gughuni aru Omlette” of Khura’s dukaan. This is the most economic and popular food place of the University not only for the students but also for the Professors.

6.When emergency strikes, there’s always the Health Care Centre

For the untimely gastritis rushes or the exigency of a medical support when someone faints down due to the heat or just the casual weight checkups, we can always count on the Health Care Centre.

7.And the night is always young at the Auditorium

The Auditorium- Rang Ghar is the lifeline of the University. The Rang Ghar houses the fun cultural nights as well as  the heavy protracted seminars. And no matter how hot the weather is, the entire University fits into the auditorium with no qualms whatsoever .

After all, “Gorom hol tu ki hol, Miss DU miss koribo je nuwari aru!”

And the weird cheering shrieks that reverberate the auditorium always set the perfect spirit for the shows.

8.Then Auxesis is like the contemporary face of the University

The Tech Fest of the B.Tech department, Auxesis, brought new colors to the life of the University. It brought the battle of the bands : Ransack, the fashion extravaganzas and exchange of cultures and technology. It is now an indispensable part of the University Culture.

9.The University Elections are always a big deal

The way studies and culture are major parts of the University, the elections are important in a similar fashion. The campaigning of the candidates around the hostels, the supporters trying their best to popularize their candidates, the agendas of the students etcetera are all a part and parcel of Dibrugarh University.

“Ei Jui Jolise Joliboe!”

10.The Education and Recreation Park that turned out to be the coolest place for the entire city

This Park became one of the main attractions of visitors to the University. And for the students, it was like their very own chilling place.

“Oi paisa nai re town't ulai jabole. Bol Park't Goie photo uthau!”

I wonder what would have happened to us if there wasn’t the Park.

11.Then there’s the most important thing for the students

And prior to the exam dates, nothing is as important as the Xerox times. The on and off turns to the University gate for Xerox is as important part of D.U as the other points.

“Oi gate jau, Xerox koribo di aahu.” Is one of the most famous lines here.

12.Then there are the walks around the tranquil roadways of the University

Dibrugarh University is blessed with the nature’s beauty. It has the most gorgeous views. And in any day you can just take a walk around the campus and you’d be filled with the peacefulness of the place. This is how it feels in this University. “Bahirot jaboe nalage, university r nahor gosor kakhere khuj karhiye mon bhal lagi jai!”!”

From Maggie treats at the Nescafe to the protests against the authorities to the candle light marches at Jyoti Batsora to the famous cases of each departments and to the stories of the tragedy goli, they all make the Dibrugarh University. The pillars and bricks are just the foundation; it is the laughter of the students, the lectures of the professors, the head banging during the rock shows, the preparations of the Saraswati Puja and the likes that make this University a place like nowhere else. Students come and go, but what would always stand still is the place that Dibrugarh University holds in the hearts of all its students.


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