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7 Things That Make AEC An Absolute Favourite Among The Engineering Minds of NE

Neelakshi Das
Intern, Bordoisila

6th March, 2016

Assam engineering college- the community dedicated for creating tomorrow's engineers and supporting today's pioneers. The college takes pride in being a flagship institute of the North- Eastern region. The college has set a benchmark for the other colleges in the region. In these years, the college has fetched a big name as one of the most sought after colleges. Here's how and why.

1.The first undergraduate engineering college of the North- East.

Established in the year 1955, the college is the very first government engineering college in the entire region. Since then, the college is doing real great in every field. Like seriously!

2.The college provides quality education at lowest investment.

Cost is always an important matter and AEC aims at providing qualitative education in lowest possible investment. This is what we all want, right?

3.The ambience owes it all.

Location and the environment is most likely a factor which adds up extra cheese to the campus and AEC campus doesn't lag behind in adding up this extra cheese for more taste. The campus is encircled by sites like Deepor Beel, which itself is an abode to nature.

4.The college owns a great bouquet of professors.

The faculty plays a vital role in shaping the young into future ready technocrats, and the college boasts of some of the great minds of the region with much knowledge and experience to educate the engineers of tomorrow.

5.AEC is the hub of many academic activities.

AEC offers a variety of courses in the bachelors, masters and PhD level and all these courses are affiliated to Guwahati University. The college is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

6.The college encourages the students to participate in the extracurricular activities.

Assam engineering college believes both in proficiency and competence. The college got many organizations and societies which help in the multi- faceted development of the student. The college organizes the annual college fest, ' Pyrokinesis' which is a very popular one in the city. And also organizes the annual technical fest, Udbhavanam.

7.The college has their College Anthem.

Yes, you heard it right. AEC has their own college anthem. You can listen to the anthem here.

“Xoto obhizontar xadhona tholeet

 Xobe mili gaon aaha aaxabhora geet,

 Gaane gaane protikhyone bisaru aaha

 Notun xopun aru xunalee oteet ||”

AEC is undoubtedly a brand among the engineering students. Of course, IITs and NITs are the first choice of the students, but this college has been occupying a different niche for itself all these years. This is a matter of pride and honor for all of us that this institute has soared such great heights and we hope this college will make us more proud in the coming years. A shout out to Assam engineering college.


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