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8 Facts About Assam Medical College of Dibrugarh That Will Make Every Assamese Proud

Neelakshi Das
Intern, Bordoisila

24th February, 2016

Assam Medical College (AMC) has come a long way, and quite evidently, still going strong. Established in 1947 as a result of the philanthropic effort of Dr. John Berry white, this pioneer institute is the pride of entire North-East India. The contributions made by this premiere medical institute situated in Dibrugarh are not only monumental, but also of great significance in the development of modern health care services in the region. Here, I present before you certain factors which make this institute stand out as one of the most prestigious medical colleges of India.

1.AMC is the oldest medical college of North-East.

As we are all familiar with the phrase "Old is gold", this institute too justifies the statement so well. The history of the college dates back to the year 1900.

2.It also pioneered Allopathic Medical Education in India.

This institute heralded the beginning of Allopathic Medical Education by conferring LMP Diploma even before Independence could dawn upon India.

3.It was the first Indian medical college to import health equipments from abroad.

In the year 1910, the college imported two x- ray machines from England, which were the first in India at that time.

4.This college was used as a hospital at the time of the Second World War.

This college even served as the US Military hospital at the time of the Second World War. The students as well as the teachers played a significant and commendable role during those hours of emergency.

5.The first Radiology department was inaugurated in the college.

Assam Medical College was the first in the entire country to open up a radiology department and this department has been holding the charm ever since then.

6.A lush green campus with accommodation facilities.

Assam Medical College is one of the very few medical colleges in the country which is residential in character accommodating almost the entire faculty, students, employees and nurses in one single campus in a picturesque locality skirted by lush green tea gardens.

7.The students coming out of it go on to become the doctors of the highest order.

As a tree is judged by its fruits, similarly, an institution is judged by its students. The students of AMC are its pride and strength and they are the ones who carry the glory of this institute to the deepest corners of the world.

8.It is the dream college of every medical aspirant.

It is the dream of every medical aspirant to be a part of this prestigious college. Scores of young aspirants, each year, pull out all the stops for availing a seat in this college. ‘Moi AMC’r karone try korim' is the common dialogue of everyone wanting to make a career in medical sciences.

The role of this pioneer institute in extending health care services to the millions of needy patients for the past many decades has been laudable. Assam Medical College doesn’t just produce top-notch doctors but also caters to the various medical needs of the entire North-East.

We, hereby, would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of each and every individual associated with this famed medical college for keeping Assam and the whole of North-East healthy for a huge number of years.


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