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8 Quotes Any Axomiya Engineering Graduate Can Relate to

Kankan Kishor Bharali
Contributor, Bordoisila

13th July, 2016

Engineers are a different set of folks altogether. You may either call them geeks or label them eccentrics, but they simply don't care. They are the ones who are strikingly different in their own charming way. So, presenting to you a few quotes that every engineering student can relate to.

1.First Semester

2.Second Semester

3.Third Semester

4.Fourth Semester

5.Fifth Semester

6.Sixth Semester

7.Seventh Semester

8.Eighth Semester

Wow! Didn't we just make you beam with that? Engineering life is laden with such fun-filled, candid and silly moments. And it is these moments that stay with you all your life.


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