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8 Terms Only an AMC Student Can Relate to

Rimy Dey
Contributor, Bordoisila

16th July, 2016

Assam Medical College, the heritage medical college of this part of the country, has a legacy spanning decades. Apart from having top state-of-the-art facilities and an updated curriculum, this college has a trademark imprinted on all of its products i.e. the students. One of these is the extraordinary vocabulary! From Day 1, a student here learns many new words that are part of the lingo prevalent here and in no time, become a part of the AMC family. Here are 8 such words that any AMCian would definitely relate to.


For a first year student, Day 1 begins with the sheer realization that he/she can be an aspiring doctor only after being a “Mokkel”. When the Dadas and Baideus fondly call you mokkel, you just forget what it means otherwise and start identifying yourself with the title completely.  

"Oi Mokkel Eipine aah!" or "Mokkel oi, porhiso nai?" would become so much relatable.


These are the fun-filled “introductory meetings” at the common room. Here, the cool hostel seniors take introductions from a bunch of anxious juniors who seem to be clinging together all the time. And it starts with the customary bow with folded hands and "Nomoskar Dada! Mur naam ... moi ... pora ahisu moi ussotor madhyamik ... or pora uttirno hoisu"


Then with time, you’d realise that you have truckloads to study. So you turn to borrowing your seniors' books for marking the important questions. And there you’d find an abbreviation 'ABI'. And later, you’d realise, ABI stands for "Aal Baal Important". AB is used as an important superlative degree around here. Like, "Aal Baal taan question paper asile bey"


Then there comes the unending league of exams. And you have no idea where to start from and where to end. You reach Anatomy dissection room for your Item test. And the teacher asks an obviously incomprehensible question. But seniors have told you to utter at least something. So when you start doing that, the teacher exclaims, "Janile kua. Najanile Funda namariba!"

Funda is our ultimate saviour


The first year girls are always the celebrities. While some hearts are broken, some hearts do come together. And many a love stories here starts with the line, "O bhonti! Tumar naamtu ki?"


Life in AMC is beyond imagination without the dozens of Kais and Baideus that cater to our needs from time to time. Be it Baideur dukan for a hearty meal, Jamal Kai for his savoury pakodas, Chepta Kai for his daily supply of eggs or Roti and Pakoda baideu for the evening snacks, these people make hostel a home!


Exam results are out. And some unexpected faces top the list. And right away, they earn themselves the title, 'Metal'.

"Metal dekhun xi! Sob cocurricular koriu falile porikkha!"


When you’re studying in AMC, you are like the knight in shining armour for your relatives. Whenever any of them is admitted to the hospital, they suppose you know every Doctor around here. Then you’ll miss classes and run from office to office, getting tests done, meeting docs and buying meds. You support them. They are here tagged as your "laathi"

Thus, AMC surely adds a lot of new and fun words to your vocab. And later, when you look back, you'll realize that these very words made your college life memorable and made you a true AMCian.


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