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9 Pathetic Moments Every Axomiya Goes Through When Put Into a Boring Lecture Session

Akangkhya Kashyap
Intern, Bordoisila

4th May, 2016

Its summer time and it’s that time of the year which least encourages us to attend lectures. And boring lectures? Du-uh ketiau mon najai!

Bunking classes, I guess, must be one of the most popular college pastimes. At times, greater knowledge is gained from the lectures you bunk because texts aren’t always the source of lessons.  Bunking is fun and often ends up being quite adventurous too, but upai nuhua hole you have to go for attending them. So, here’s stating an Axomiya’s monor kotha when put into a boring lecture session:

1.Kot fosilu beh!? Kiooooo!!

When you have no escape but listen. Fosisa bhalke!


A lecture that’s irritating and driving you nuts. That’s a pain in the ass!

3.Moy mori jam etiai!

When the endless lectures make you feel it is the end of the world, morim etiai. Yes, long, monotonous and boring lectures can be fatal. Just kidding!

4.Iman kenekoi bokibo pare kunubai!?

When the lecturer doesn’t intend to pause or stop. Hey probhu, iman kenekoi bokibo pare!?  **Facepalm**

5.Time tu nogoisei.

Attending a boring session? Oh yes then, 5 minutes seem an hour; half an hour seems a day. Even if you are done finding your purpose of life and imagining about the creation of the universe, but bhaaxon hekh’ei nohoy!

6.Xui jam etia moy.

Sleep becomes your best friend (it always was, is and will be without any doubt, though). For most of us, especially back benchers, a long lecture session is a tuponi mara break. Bell marile jogai dibi is the ruling responsibility we assign to the one sitting next to us. No?

7.Haamiaai thakutei sir’e dekhi gol

Happens a lot, nohoy janu? Yawning and eye contacts go hand in hand.

8.Eku tu bujiu pua nai

The question is okol moyei buji pua nai ne kuneu buji pua nai? For the act of pretence that we put up to show that we are following the lecturer although we have no idea what the topic’s all about, we deserve Oscars! Yes, we do!

9.Eibur xuni thakatke biya’e pati lua bhal asil.

In all satire, perhaps that would be easier than tolerating the oxaanti caused to you by tedious lecture sessions. When anger hits you hard, this sounds a better option.

For non-padhaku Axomiyas like us, too much of lecture sessions are injurious to health. Ha-ha! It is not always that both mind and body stay together. Our teachers/ lecturers are very correct when often they accuse us of being present in the class physically and not mentally. True enough.

There is no doubt we’ve acquired some rare talents from the lecture sessions starting from sleeping with eyes wide open to acting as if lecture tu pura bujisu but in real you’ve been thinking what should be on your dinner’s menu tonight. Right?

So raaiz, any rare talent that you got instilled in you?


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