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Eight Places Only a Tezpur University Student Would Relate To

Jeffrin Zaman
Contributor, Bordoisila

31st October, 2015

Tezpur- “the cultural hub of Assam” is a beautiful ancient city on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. And 15 kilometers east of it, in the Napaam suburbia, lays the sprawling Tezpur Central University! With a breathtakingly beautiful campus specked with nature’s bounty, Tezpur University or “Tezu”, as is called by the students, is an intrinsic part of Tezpur- something that gives the city an identity!

Here are the eight places that only a Tezpur University student would relate to:


Located at the junction of the boys’ and the girls’ hostels, Essentials is an essential hangout place for the students. It’s a shopping area with adjoined eateries. Come evening, and this place comes to life, when after the day’s classes, students flock there to get their necessities, relish their hunger pangs or just sit under the open sky and have a gupshup!


Now, this is one place which stays 24x7 peppered with students. Both the Shopcom and Amenities provide one with a host of choices- from the lip-smacking sweets of Bhabi’s to the mouth-watering juices of Gokul’s; from the daily pick-ups at Gopi Store to some serious Xeroxes at Neeraj’s. The evening just makes this place so much better & busier.


If you are a student with a taste for something posh and highbrow, D’cafeteria is the perfect haunt. With sober interiors, soft music and a romantic ambience, this place is a hot favorite among the “love birds” of the university. It also caters wonderfully to the book lovers, looking for a quiet place to curl up with their copies of Haruki Murakami or Charles Bukowski.


No University can ever be complete without a library, and Tezpur University has a beautiful, well-equipped central library that houses multiple books of different genres. With countless text/reference books, magazines, print/ e-journals, newspapers, audio/video documents, the library is literally the savior of the students. Shrouded with the rustic smell of books, and complete with an indoor canteen, the library is the place that inspires one to put on one’s geeky glasses and do some serious studies.


Just like the name suggests, “Niribili” is a silent retreat. With shaded benches, colorful lights and a panoramic view of the backwaters, this place seems tailor-made for romantic rendezvous. Small wonder every couple in the campus relates to this place. The place is simply bewitching!


Named after the great artist, Kalaguru Bishnuprasad Rabha, the KBR Auditorium is a swanky, spacious air-conditioned hall that facilitates large gatherings. Located in a quite zone, cocooned with trees, the auditorium is a melting pot of different activities. Be it an orientation programme, a cultural event, a guest lecture or a weekend matinee show, the KBR Auditorium never fails to impress.


Stationed near the School of Engineering, the KF outlet is a regular hangout of the “upcoming” engineers. Although located at the periphery of the university, this place does manage to attract students because of its scrumptious delicacies and an inviting ambience. The evening aura only adds oodles of oomph to the place.


Although bus stops are generally built for passengers to wait for the buses, at T.U, it is a slightly different story. Besides the obvious job that these bus stops provide, they also serve as adda points for the students. Friends, lovers and even the solo souls are seen lingering at the bus stops; some sharing a laugh while some clicking and creating memories, everybody busy in their own sweet world.

No doubt, every place at the university appeals to us. But some places manage to leave an indelible impression which is why we find them inviting. And these are the eight places that every Tezpur University student can relate to.

Photographs by Abhishek Yadav


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