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10 Cuisines a Khar Khua Assamese Can’t Live Without

Samagnee Baruah
Intern, Bordoisila

21st January, 2016

 Food is love. And, love is life. Ultimately, food is life. And, when it comes to Assamese food, all we do is  crave for it. Assamese cuisine is simple, not so spicy and certainly, lip-smackingly delicious. So, here are ten cuisines that a Khar khuwa Axomiya can’t live without:


This dish is every Axomiya’s priyo. This fish curry is made with sour things like tomato, outenga (elephant ear), lemon, etc. and is extremely delicious. Ask any Axomiya about maasor tenga and watch them craving for it like anything!


Axomiya people are just ‘paagol’ for this dish. Duck meat tastes heavenly. This dish has unique flavor as it uses whole spices. This dish tastes best when cooked with kumura (ash gourd).


Khaar is unique and both tasty and healthy. An Assamese woman’s culinary skill depends on how well she cooks khaar. And in that case, I will surely fail. But I am purely a Khaar khuwa Axomiya!


This mouthwatering dish, Paro mangkho is a relish for the non-vegetarians. It keeps our body gorom and is perfect for winters. It tastes best when cooked with jaluk (pepper) or koldil (banana flower).


Sunga saul is like the heart of assamese food. You can have it with doi (curd) or cream or with duck curry or chicken curry. Sunga saul is too sticky to forget.


Yes, I know you are drooling. This dish is made with mashed potatoes, green chilies, coriander leaves and onion. Simple yet tasty. And all our Assamese ladies become happy when their children say, ‘Maa, aji alu pitika khaam.’


This dish is composed of colocasia (kosu) leaves and pepper. Kosu jalukia tastes heavenly and is worth drooling for. And when someone catches cold, our moromor Dr. Aita prescribes us to have kosu jalukia! Kosu jalukia with fish is mouth-watering!


The word gahori itself brings water to our mouth. Khorikat diya gahori mangkho is the Assamese version of pork barbeque. And the smell is so so heavenly! And I bet you will lick the khorika (the stick) too.


When talking about Assamese food, how can we forget our farmers' favorite poita bhaat. This is so simple and tasty. All you need is fermented rice and for better taste - chilly, mustard oil, salt, mashed potatoes and onion. Poita bhaat is a great way to beat the summer heat.


Be it bohag bihu or bhogali bihu, axomiyas cannot live without pitha. There are variety of pithas like til pitha, hutuli pitha, bhaapot diya pitha and so on. Ask your assamese friends to bring pitha for you when they go home!

No matter how bad we crave for momos or wantons, nothing can beat maa’e bonuwa maasor tenga or haanhor mangkho. We axomiyas are proud of our FOOD. If you got something to add, please do comment


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