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10 Legendary Eateries Of Guwahati That Have Ruled Our Hearts For Years

Ankita Kakaty
Contributor, Bordoisila

6th April, 2016

The city of Guwahati has seen the rise and fall of many restaurants and eateries. Yet, amidst all this commotion, there have been a few eateries which have stood the test of times and are still going strong. These are the ones which have been able to rule the hearts and taste buds of Guwahatians for decades by dishing out extraordinary quality and service. The people in charge of these eateries might have had kept on changing but their grit to embellish the eating habits of the people of this city hasn’t changed one little bit. So, in return, the least we could do is adorn them by paying a tribute. Read on!


It is one of the oldest restaurants in Guwahati and is known for its amazing Assamese cuisines. “Otithi Porayon” is the motto of this traditional eatery which shows the degree of customer satisfaction it strives for. Parampara and Vyanjan thalis are the two specialties of this place. While Parampara serves you the traditional authentic Assamese household dishes, Vyanjyan on the other hand offers mouth-watering food in the form of Veg and Non-veg thalis to make your senses drool.

Address – Maniram Dewan Road, Silpukhuri.

2.Shaikh Brothers

This iconic bakery of Guwahati is the oldest running bakery of the city as well as North-east. Established more than a century ago, this renowned bakery, till today, is the first choice of customers for freshly baked cakes, loaves and biscuits. The cup cakes which are locally termed as ‘Paan Cakes’ and ‘Glass Cakes’ are among the hot favorites. Apart from these, the jam rolls and frizz cakes have also been quite a strong crowd-puller.

Address – Hem Baruah Road, Panbazar, Guwahati, Pincode – 781001

3.Lakhi Cabin

This hotel, as people colloquially label it as, has become synonymous with quality sweets in the city of Guwahati. Lakhi Cabin introduced to the local consumers popular snacks and food items like the Singara, Kachori and Luchi bhaji. Over the period of time, this old eating house of Guwahati has never compromised with its food standard and still holds a special place among many food lovers.

Address – Market Area, Fancy Bazaar, Guwahati, Pincode – 781001.

4.Reboti Chat House

Reboti Chat house has long been the favorite fast food joint of the city. This is one of the best places to try some mouth-smacking fast food. Among the menu items, Chicken chowmein and Rolls are quite popular. In spite of primarily being a take away joint, this place attracts massive footfalls in the busy Pan Bazaar area.

Address – Nagkata Pukhuri, Near Don Bosco School, Motilal Nehru Road, Panbazar, Guwahati.


Mishtimukh is one of the oldest running sweet shops of the town. For festivities and regular purchase, Mishtimukh is the ideal place to shop for authentic Bengali sweets. Pati Shapta, Misti Doi, Rosogullas are the hot sellers of this nostalgic eatery draped in the old flare of delicious desserts.

Address – Ulubari, Near Life Pharmacy, Guwahati Shillong Road, Assam, Pincode – 781007.

6.Sunflower Restaurant

It is one of the oldest fine dine restaurants in the city. The attire of the waiters reminds us of the quintessential British Era. Chicken Pakoras, Chilly Chicken, Spring Rolls are quite popular among the custumers. It is rightly a convenient place to relive the memories of the glorious old days.

Address – Near Police Point, Opposite Cotton College, Panbazar, Guwahati, Pincode – 781001


The classic café Iantosh is one of the finest west themed cafés of Guwahati. The café is known for its tasty combos of soups, stews, momos and burgers. Time and again, it has delighted thousands of customers by delivering the best exotic dishes of all times.

Address - Near Don Bosco School, Naakata Pukhuri, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Pincode – 781001


One of the oldest restaurants of the city, Piccadilly has been able to live up to its name so far. This place is a perfect getaway for family outings. With a dimly-lit interior and cozy ambience, this place sends us back to the retro era altogether. Drums of Heaven, Dumplings and Exotic Chicken Dishes are the menu favorites.

Address - Motilal Nehru Road, Near Police Point, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Pincode – 781001


This quaint old place is one of the most popular running restaurants of Guwahati. From that hot Assam Cuppa to the mutton varieties, just everything here gives a perfect treat to the tummy.  Amidst the razzle-dazzle of the city, this tiny little place has its own loyal customer base.

Address - Ground Floor, Mohsin House, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Pincode - 781001


Started off by Mrs & Mr Liang, a chinese couple residing in Guwahati, Chinatown is the oldest exclusive Chinese restaurant of the city. Even now, you can find the same Chinese old man at the counter and the aquarium at the entrance. The place has never lost its charm and has always attracted more and more customers. Among the popular cuisines, old-school authentic Chinese platters and prawn noodle soup are something one should really go for. The other popular dishes include Schezwan chicken fried rice and Schezwan chicken gravy. This Chinese family has now opened up more great places like "Chung Fa" and "Wang Li" in different parts of Guwahati.

Address - Rajgarh Rd, Rajgarh, Lachit Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781003

In between all the fanfare and concrete lifestyle, this city has kept alive its old heritage in the form of iconic hangouts to cherish for generations. So you can be out of the city but the city can never be out of you. Feel the nostalgia in the air and be proud to be a Guwahatian.    

Photo Credits : Milton Alam


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