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10 Sweet-Bitter Moments Every Assamese Foodie Can Relate To

Akangkhya Kashyap
Intern, Bordoisila

24th April, 2016

Dhuniakoi khua is an art. And we foodies excel in it. “Khaai nu kunubai beya paai ne?” is the biggest question for us, the answer to which kunu mohapurux’eu amak dibo pora nai till date. Axomiya foodies indeed have a great kopaal for the Assamese cuisines are always lip smacking, our moms are the greatest cooks on Earth and the street food stalls or the simplest of restaurants serve great food at kom daam. Aami bor xukhi. Long live our taste buds!

There are numerous funny moments we come across each day, some being real humorous and some being embarrassing but xeibuli khana’k neglect korim ne? Nokoru because food is love. Listed below are a few sweet and sour moments we encounter very often being a foodie:

1.2 piece mangxo khuatke nukhuai bhal.

When we find okol ‘dui piece chicken’ in our bowl, we think that’s crazy. It’s so less than enough. Khaale bhalke kham nohole nakhau is our motto. There is nothing in between.

2.Biryani aru dry fry order diu ne pulao aru chilly chicken?

We are always confused as to which would taste better. We’ve got so many calculations to make in our head to get served the tastiest meal possible because khua loi disappointment xojyo nohoy!

3.Notun kiba restaurant’r naam kosun.

We are always thrilled to find a new place for our taste buds. Notun restaurant khulise means we must visit. Nujualoike xaanti nai! And what do our pals think of us? Isss eitu iman khokua!!

4.Trying out a new dish is always a blessing, nohoy ne?

There’s nothing compared to the pleasure received from good food and new recipes. Starting from the aroma of the item to putting the first spoonful into your mouth, hearts fill with joy and there’s only peace that prevails around us, no matter what. Mmmmmmm……yes, yes love is in the air.

Yeah, I know sometimes we gain the (very unwanted) attention of people around us. Hmph!   

5.Kiman khao beh?

Friends and family’r sinta - Kiman je khaabo pare! And we very innocently smile at them and *chomp* *chomp* *chomp*. "Ki korim pet tu khali hoi’e jai" and they be like, “tur pet nohoy xeitu kuwaa”. Yeah, get to hear it a lot but never gonna affect me.

6.Tur logot ulai najau.

: “Tur logot ulalei khabo lage. Poisa nai mur.”

: “Hobo de! Moy’u najau tur logot, bhal jagah eku’e sini napao toy.”

Ha-ha! That’s common. Not all can cope up with our eating habits. That’s true. Arrey bhai khabole talent lage!  

7.Kotha patiba ne okol khaba?

Remember that whatsapp smiley that has two hearts replacing both the eyes? Well, that is the perfect expression when the food arrives. Forget about who is sitting next to you. Kotha patibo’r time nai. "Aakromon kora deha! Khua! Kothatu phone’t’u patibo pari."

8.Hostel’r khua bea.

This one is so damn true but it also serves as an excellent excuse to munch something yummy outside. Get hostel deliveries? Awesome! Mom’s signature dialogue, “Poisa xupa nosto kori gaa tu boholai aso.” And (acting very sentimental) ours is, “Hostel’r khana iman bea, nakhai thakim ni? Bhuk’t thokatu bisara no?”

9.Bhonti aji okol imanei bostu kinisa je?

Even the daily grocery shopkeeper knows chocolates, biscuits and noodles are always on our shopping list. And when the number of items we buy is less than usual, even the salesman worries why. Pet tu je barhise mur, aapuni komai dibo ni?

10.Oh shit! Weight iman barhi gol! Ajirpora komai kham.

Well, this is the biggest joke ever. Ketia’u xosa nohoy. When there’s food, we feel weightless! Pet barhise jodi barhok, pisot dekha jabo!

Foodies are great cooks themselves. Make friends with a foodie and you’ll enjoy every outing because good food cheers you up and your friend surely has that list of places that make the yummiest of food for you to gobble to your utmost satisfaction.

Foodies are easy, outgoing and cool. It isn’t too hard to delight a food loving person because there’s always plenty of food available to eat anywhere! Did you just upset a foodie? Tension nai tenehole! An ice cream, or some chicken tandoori or a plate of biryani will bring their smile back! Trust me.

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