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13 Delicious Assamese Fish Cuisines To Tease the Fish Lover In You

Madhusmita Kalita
Contributor, Bordoisila

26th May, 2016

Needless to say that we   Assamese people are prodigious fish-eaters. For centuries, Assamese people have been known as a fish-loving community.Fish markets in Assam are known for their sheer variety of fishes. Here we are sharing some of authentic Assamese Fish Recipes for a delicious twist of your taste buds.

1.Bilahi Masor Tenga

Assamese non-veg meal is not usually complete without this extremely popular sour curry. This curry is prepared with tomatoes, boiled potatoes and any kind of freshly found fishes. The mouth-watering sour curry will make sure that you lick your plate clean!

2.Manimuni Narasingha Paator Jhool

Bringing together the goodness of Magur Fish (walking catfish), Manimuni xaak ( Asiatic pennywort ) and Narasingha paat (curry leaves), this is a must have healthy dish! Try it out, you won’t regret

3.Patot Dia Xoru Maas

Are you in search of a healthy plus simple fish recipe, then your search ends here.  It's a tempting recipe full of flavors. When locally found small fishes are steamed inside a banana leaf pocket, it's aroma will make you hungry for sure. 

4.Aari Maasor Khar jool

Do you want a simple Assamese fish recipe with minimal spices? Here you go then. This dish is made by cooking Aari Fish (a variety of cat fish)  in khar gravy  to get the unique flavors.

"The traditional ingredient "Khar" is made by filtering water through the ashes of a banana tree, which is then called kola khar (The name derived from the locale term of Banana, "Kol" or "Kola")."

Courtesy: Wikipedia

5.Paanilau Maas

A delicious combination  that makes bottle gourd and tomatoes taste amazing! Simple but a healthy cum tasty fish curry nonetheless

6.Ou Tenga Dhekia aru Maasor jool

If you ask an Assamese  the types of fish curry  they have had till now, Maasor Tenga will top their list. And why not ; when fish is cooked with big chunks of Ou Tenga (elephant apple) and fresh Dhekia (Fiddlehead ferns)  to such perfection, it has to be the best.

7.Paleng Xaak aru Kaoi Maas

Spinach has extremely high nutritional value and it is rich in antioxidants. Fried Kawoi fishes are cooked with Chopped Spinach to perfection. It tastes best when served with steamed rice

8.Pura Maas Pitika

A much loved recipe from our native. Freshly found local fishes are fire-grilled and mashed with chopped onions, chillies, ginger, salt and few drops of mustard oil. Taste?? Just heavenly! Try it.

9.Aadar Jaal dia Borali Maas

Little bit spicy fish curry straight from the kitchen of Lower Assam (especially very popular in Barpeta District). Cook up Borali Fish in a ginger gravy and team it up with steamed rice to create a perfect lip-smacking assamese  meal.

10.Thekera dia Maasor Tenga

When we are talking about different types of sour curry, then how can we forget the most popular traditional dish  "Thekera dia Maasor tenga" ? This is a tempting recipe with goodness of the main souring agent " Thekera (Garcinia) "

11.Xoru Maas Bhoja

Preparation of this recipe usually doesn't require much of ingredients. Turmeric powder and salt coated small fishes are stir fried with chopped onions, green chillies, garlic cloves and chopped coriander leaves.

12.Til dia Maas

“Til” is sesame seed and “Maas” is Fish and when these two are perfectly blended, there are very few dishes that can beat this appetizing cuisine.

13.Xoru Maas Xaak Bhaji

My personal favorite recipe. A delectable dish cooked with mix leafy vegetables and small fishes is something you can enjoy to the hilt with rice.


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