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5 Reasons Why Axomiya Khana is the Best Thing Ever!

Samagnee Baruah
Intern, Bordoisila

25th December, 2015

We all know food is love. And they all say, love is life. Connecting the dots in between, I think we can perhaps say that food ultimately is life. Sorry getting a little carried away but yes, if you are an Axomiya Foodie oversensitized to a lot mainstream Indian food, you will feel me heart-to-heart when I give you my five reasons why I feel Axomiya khana is the best thing ever.

1.No Extra Spices

No extra spices, but just the essentials. And voila, still the great taste. Jaluk di bonuwa paro mangkho or paat’t dia maas. No masala, yet finger lickin' good. Drooling already, eh?.

2.Easy to Cook

I know I do not make any logical sense when I declare with pride that khorit bonua bhaat'r moja e beleg but those of you who have tasted it will know- there's a huge difference in the flavour. And gas stoves and microwave-ovens and induction cookers are not even close giving you that exquisite appetizing flavour.

3.Assamese Cuisines

As Assam is full of different tribes and ethno-cultural groups, we have so many cuisines to choose from. Like pura gahori, maasor tenga, koldil diya paro mangkho, kumura diya haanhor manghkho and what not.


Most importantly, getting all the ingredients is easier than a walk in the Dighalipukhuri. No doubt, you won't get mayonnaise in a village but locally available ingredients like norohingho, dhonia, and jaluk will do more than just compensate.

5.Assamese Sweets

Bhapot diya pitha, til pitha, hutuli pitha, narikolor laru. You might say that they are a little tedious to make but trust me, it's worth the effort. To the very last bite.

Yes, we crave for momos and mughlais, but at the end of the day, we know nothing can beat Maa e bonuwa maasor tenga or koldil diya paro mangkho. Not even for all the tea in Assam. Dedicated to all of you who can't have ghoror khana now that you are living your dream one thousand miles away. Or even more so.

 PS- No offence to anyone. It’s just my dil ki baat. Everyone has their own taste and I will be more than happy to read your criticisms and feedbacks in your comments below.


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