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8 Fast Food Items the Assamese Youth Love to Gorge on

Samagnee Baruah
Intern, Bordoisila

19th January, 2016

Food is anyway great and when it is fast food, we just drool. Fast food is unhealthy but what makes it unhealthy also makes it tasty. Sobei koi, ‘Bhaiti, fast food nakhaba’. But, we will never listen to others. Our Attitude, you know! So, here are 8 fast food items the axomiya youth simply love to eat and repeat.


The axomiya version of Chinese noodles. We cannot get enough of chow. Its taste and smell, aha! Btw, chicken ‘saau’ lage ne veg ‘saau’?


Momos with soup, drooling, eh? Hot momos in a cold evening. Momos just melt inside our mouth. Its smoothness and taste makes it worth craving for! You can see ‘Momo Huts’ in every corner of Assam.


We get chops and pakoras in some ‘dada’ – ‘baideu’r dukaan. Aloo chops and Koni chops made with ‘jaluk’ taste like heaven!  Pakoras or pokoris are often made with besan and onion. 10 tokar  pokori dibo, dada!


You can find this in every ‘ghumti’ of Assam. Motor’r ghuguni with chop is like icing on a cake. Ghuguni is garnished with chopped onions, coriander leaves and sauce.


There are different types of rolls, for example, veg roll, chicken roll, paneer roll, egg roll, cheese roll, cheese paneer roll and so on. For more info, visit that roll corner in Fancy Bazaar!


How can we forget our very own, assamese version of biriyani and pulao. Cooked rice fried with chicken, onion and masala - yeh lo biriyani tayyar! But yes, these biriyani and pulao are lip smackingly tasty.


Chaat can be best described as salty, sweet and tangy. We axomiyas are so much in love with chaat. Ki khaba, papdi chat or samosa chat or raj kachori chaat?

8.Last but definitely not the least, CHANA

Every axomiya can relate to this. No matter how many times we are warned by our parents not to have chana while returning from school, we go totally deaf, right? Jhaal olop besike di bonabo dei!

The list doesn’t end here, right? I just listed a few of them. If you have any other item on your mind, share in the comments section. And yes, say no to fast food. Mane, have olop not besi!


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