An Axomiya Aqua Tourism Resort that Is Truly One of a Kind

Ryhan Ahmad Marfua
Creative Head, Bordoisila

13 July, 2015

Located on the banks of the idyllic Mahrul beel, Jasingfaa Aqua Tourism Resort is the safe haven for everyone seeking some ‘xanti’. Spread over an area of over 15 acres at Dimoruguri- a suburb in the periphery of  the middle Assam town of Nagaon, this exquisite resort is exclusively dedicated to the real ‘prokriti premis’ amongst you. Yes, you heard me right. At Jasingfa, the food is just the icing on the cake. What makes Jasingfaa a class apart is the fact that IT IS THE ONLY AQUA TOURISM RESORT IN THE ENTIRE NORTH EAST. Plus it is right in the lap of Mother Nature! Here are a few facts why this exotic resort a must visit-


Broadly speaking, Jasingfaa has simulated an ecosystem of its own. Here is how. Environed by swampy wetlands that stretch for miles, the entire resort has been allocated into seven blocks (lagoons actually), each with its own singularity. Named after khati Axomiya jargons, they are Champawati, Dhansiri, Disang, Dichorai, Dudhnoi, Puthimari, and Mahseer. The resort atrium is actually an islet amidst the Champawati lagoon and hosts the central foyer, attached with a plush patio for those who love to dine under the open skies. Fictitious, much?


Jasingfaa is every foodie’s fantasy. Not one bit of exaggeration there, bidda! Because at Jasingfaa, right from Assamese thalis and Indian biryani items to Chinese noodles and fresh fruit smoothies, they dish it all. But those are just entremets; the real booty is the khati Axomiya ‘lukel maas’r items’ they prepare which vary from Rohu and Carp motleys, to indigenous varieties of Piranhas and catfishes- all deliciously cooked using traditional Assamese techniques. Drooling already, eh?


The scenic Mahrul beel is actually a wintering grounds for hordes of migratory birds. So come one winter morning and bear witness to some magnificent exotic plumes, with of course a simmering cup of tea between your fingers. After all, no one is never too busy to disregard to the nature’s call. Ne ki kua?


On account of National Fish Farmers’ Day, Jasingfaa hosts the North East Angling Competition every year. Observed on the second weekend of July, angling enthusiasts from all around the Seven Sisters throng the place, all with one hope- to catch the prize fish. But it is more the fun that’s beguiling. Don’t get it? Okay, picture this- A lazy summer afternoon- With a fishing rod in one hand, you lounge idly by the water body all day as you wait for your bait to be finally gobbled- The day eventually comes to an end with you at the open air patio enjoying an authentic Assamese thali, followed by a special course of dessert. Can life get any better? Seriously saying, this July do give this quirky game of angling a try. After all, we never know where our ‘true talents’ lie, until of course, we give everything a try.


Lastly the first point, Jasingfaa is the adobe of an endangered variety of fish called Golden Mahseer. Scientifically Tor putitora and literally ‘the big mouth’, this creature is known to be the toughest among the fresh water sport fish and is every angler’s dream catch. A cold water fish naturally, Golden Masheer’s habitat comprises of rapid streams, riverine pools and lakes in the Himalayan Region. But in a most singular incident, fish rearers at Jasingfaa have been successfully able to cultivate them in one of their stagnant water lagoons. On the 23rd of May 2015, a group of eminent ichthyologists were even invited to the resort to corroborate this phenomenon. A promising development in the fisheries science, we must admit!

A game of Mud Kabaddi at the resort.

Achievements so far:

a) National Award for Aqua Tourism Resort from DCFR- Uttarkhand.
b) Progressive Farmer Award from the Chairman of SBI.
c) Active participation in National Level Pisciculture Workshops.

Here are a few lesser known facts about Jasingfa, added by Mr. Kulen Das, who serves as the think-tank for the resort.

1. The Golden Mahseer is not to be angled here. It’s absolutely for conservation purposes looking into its IUCN ‘endangered’ status.
2. Jasingfaa boasts to be the first (and only) brood bank of Semiplotus Semiplotus (the Assamese King Fish), IUCN status ‘endangered’, in the entire country which was developed in collaboration with the DCFR, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand and RGU, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.
3. The state fish of Manipur called Pengba is also being reared here.
4. The brood bank of Jasingfaa also has another variety of endangered fish called the Hexasticus Mahseer.
5. Along with a children play-house, three cottages have also been built for lodging purposes. Plus, the resort also provides special wild life package tours for interested tourists.
With up to 500 visitors/day on special occasions, Jasingfaa promises to be the perfect retreat for both your soul and your stomach. So for that tripti’re ehaaz you so much deserve, visit Jasingfaa today!
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