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Ten Food Items that will reveal your Level of Assamesedom- Try the test!

Nibid Borah
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

1 June, 2015

Welcome to Assam 2.0 where only one thing matters: successfully copycatting the West! How to become 'Aamerikaa' is what every Assamese youth today is concerned about, more than anything else. To this amazing generation whose worrying ranges from 'esmartke english kobo nuarile suali potibo janu?' to 'KFC'r agot photo nutulile 'luking ht dr' buli kunubae comment maribo janu?', I present before a list of ten food items which only the khati axomiyas of them can relate to. Read on and find out your level of Assamesedom yourself.

1.Pithaa and Laru (Rice cakes and sweets):
Ask any Assamese ‘Why do you love Magh Bihu?’, if he says ‘Pithaas and Larus’, you know he’s a khati axomiya.

2.Xandoh Guri (Pounded rice):
Well, you can call it the Assamese version of oat meal.

3.Hah Kumurar Torkari (Duck-winter melon stew):
Never heard of it? Go, run now.

4.Baah’r Gaaj and Gahori (Pork with bamboo shoots):
The tangy bamboo shoots with the steaming pork make one of the yummiest food marriages ever. Seriously!

5.Maati Maah (Urad bean):
They used to say ‘haahere ne maahere’, remember? It means ‘what did you have for lunch/dinner- duck or urad bean?’ And the two variants- khaar and tenga. Which one’s your favourite?

6.Paatot Dia Maas (Steamed fish in banana leaf):
This is so easy-to-cook and, at the same time, so tasty, I would rather someone suggest it to Bear Grylls of “Man Vs. Wild”. Boy, he will be so delighted.

7.Kumol saul (Soaked rice):
Best breakfast ever, any doubt?

8.Maas’r Petu Bhaja (Fish intestine fry):
Why waste the intestine when it tastes so yum?

9.Poita Bhaat (Overnight soaked rice):
Talking of wastage, this crossed my mind. The left over rice of last night with aloo pitika (meshed potato) is still every Assamese farmer’s everyday breakfast. Every dawn, before going out to the fields, he would gulp some and rush to his fields. The feeling!

10.Haaz (Rice beer):

This fermented rice has different names like laupani, apong etc. Quintessential to the various ethnic tribes of the state, they say haaz is good for health as it cleanses your stomach.

How many could you relate to?
10 - 100% Pure Khati Axomiya
>7- Muta Muti Axomiya
>5- Ase Aru
<5- Nokolu Aru
Btw, yes, native food items are important, culturally speaking. Why? Because they give your taste buds their identity, that's why. Our roots are our roots. Only we can save them. So awake before it is too late.


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