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10 Funny 'Hey Bhogowan' Moments Every Assamese can Relate to

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

11th January, 2016

C’mon! Accept it. We all have used this phrase at least a zillion times in our life. Sometimes voluntarily while at other times as a knee-jerk reaction, using “Hey Bhogowan” only underpins your claim to be an Axomiya – a ‘khati’ one, I mean! So, let’s get on with it.

1.When you’re up for a challenge against the topper.

2.When your dad doesn’t fancy you going on a trip with friends.

3.When you fall for someone, virtually, of course!

4.When you sweep a guy off his feet and he starts stalking you.

5.When your parents are hell bent on getting you married.

6.When your make-up means the life to you

7.When you take admission in a college only for bird-watching!

8.When your exams didn’t go well.

9.When you’re on a date.

10.When you make a blooper at work.

Aren’t you smiling right now? I know you are. By the way, do share which of these you find yourself saying/uttering the most!


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