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10 Silly Ways You React When Your Parents Catch You Red Handed

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

16th March, 2016

Parents and children often have the hide and seek kinda relationship. And we being the children usually believe that we are too smart to be caught. But what we forget is that our parents are always smarter. And that is why we end up being caught red handed with all our little schemes.  And still with the hope that logic doesn't count,  we come up with some really silly reactions.  Here I bring you  the 10, that I could think of :

1.When you are caught with your report card, which you had hidden safely

You are left with only one option “Moi report card khon aji dekhalue hoi”

2.When you are about to slip away with some cash from your Dad’s/Mom’s wallet

“Wallet tu pori asile moi uthai thobo loisilu”

3.When you sneak into the kitchen to try the dish before the guests

“Maa, enei olop maan try kori saisu kenekua hoise”

4.When you bunk classes just to play the latest version of NFS secretively

“Mur gaa tu ekdom bhal laga nai, janu kio enekua lagise?”.

5.When you are caught watching a movie on your laptop instead of working on your project

And at that very moment you react, “Nohoi O, olop refreshment loisu".

6.When your Mom finds yesterday’s movie tickets ( having the date mentioned), while you were supposedly out for the extra classes

“Eitu kalir nohoi tu, heidina je saisilu, taar he ticket"

7.When you’re caught with that one friend, who your parents never approved of

“Aji he taar/taair logot ahisu, ene amar imaan kothae nohoi."

8.When you have been delaying your parents' work and they catch you doing nothing

"Kori asu tu, nokoru buli koisu niki?”

9.When you went to sleep at 11 pm and your Mom catches you awake at 3 am with your phone

“Time tu sabole phone tu saisu, imaan deri huie asilu”.

10.When you were caught red handed with your Man/Gal

Later at home, when you're enquired, you go “Kun Moi? Ki je kua aru, moi aji ulaie jua nai!”

So, no matter how convincing you try to be; you will always sound silly. And your parents would buy none of them. But at least these reactions might find you some time to run or hide. After all you got to do something, don't you?

So good luck and be safe because you never know; you might just end up saying any or all of the above.

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