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10 Things Every Axomiya Satro-satri Can Relate to

Prabin Mukherjee
Contributor, Bordoisila

5 July, 2015

Dear Axomiya satro-sati, congratulations to you all for having paar koried 10th and 12th standards of your life. Now as you take on to the next level by being more matured, intelligent and wise; here’s a funny take on your more than impossible past.

1. The festivals called HSLC and HS results

Stand korilu bey. Hajmolar ad tu pai jam.

2. That asshole reporter’s cliche question to every stand kora satro-

“Stand kori tumar gaar bhitoror hormone bur kenekua onubhob hoise?”
Can I please kill you?

3. That DP position pic on every newspaper front... DP other than display pic ;)

Let me breathe.

4. That after ages-meeting cousin’s question to the meritorious kid –

“Tumi TV SiVi ekebare nusua noh? Okol porhi e thaka noh?”
Nomoro kio bey.

5. Meanwhile, in the news rooms

Employee – “Sir what about covering CBSE results?”
Boss – “CBSE? Ki CBSE? In Assam, no one gives a fuck about CBSE”
SEBA rey SEBA, SEBA ke peeche SEBA hai SEBA.

6. But in CBSE households, mom –

Mur lorae jodi 10.20 CGPA t koi kom pai nohoi, moi tak kati pelam.
Kati pelam, ghorot humabo nidiu.

7. There is one guy who hates it like hell

“misa kole nu ki daal hobo.. iman iman marks paise.. mur pocketor pora iman poisa goise laptop kinibo.. aru laptopot hihoti ki ki scientific research daal kore moi janutu.. he he he.. misa kole nu ki daal hobo”
“he he he he he he”

8. Meanwhile, preparations for the only two available careers begin – Inzinear and Daktor

The entrepreneurs, lawyers, filmmakers, bereaucrats just died.
‘Mon jai, muru mon jai’

9. XXX coaching centre’s ad replaces all Varun Dhawan’s Ponds’ men hoardings- Adorsho Baba JEE rank – 69

“XXX coaching e muk bohut help korise IIT crack koribole. Muk ratipuwa gaa dhuai bhaat khuai disil. Onkor maje maje badam gakhir serve korisil. Rati huar agot muk Japani telere body massage disil. Apunalukeu XXX ot admission louk”
-Adorsho Baba
Crash course, capsule course, injection course, I-pill course.

10. Random aunty’s request to random Suka Lora –

“Please mur baba tur logot bohiba classot jate tumar bhitoror SUKAnium elementor radioactivity tu taar uporot olop probhav kore.”

Cheers to all for reading and all the best for your glorious bhobisyot.


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