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11 Times What an Assamese Says Differs From What they Actually Want to Say

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

23rd April, 2016

We all, at some point or the other, have said things that we hardly mean. In fact, there come situations where we say something while we mean the entirely opposite. We’re blessed with the human brain that helps us store our emotions and camouflage them with words. And thus we don’t spill the exact feelings but say something just to play along. And that is what brings us to our topic today - 11 times what an Assamese says differs from what they actually want to say.

1.When you visit someone for lunch at their place and your taste buds are fighting to like the food being offered.

What you say: Biraat Bhaal Lagise Khai!

What you wanted to say: Kio Je Muk Khabole Matisile ..Hey Bhogowaan!!

2.When your friend asks how do they look in their new outfit: Although you know it is a disaster, but you can’t really do anything after it is already bought.

What you say: Olop Different Hoi But Tur Uport Bhal Dekhise

What you wanted to say: Ki je botola lagise aaru. Dressing sense nai niki tur?

3.When your buddy cracks the entrance but you didn’t.

What you say: I am so happy for you! Party Ketia Dibi Ha?

What you wanted to say: Keneke Pali Bey Toi? Moi'e Tur Kimaan Doubts Clear Korilu; Aaru Moie Napalu!

4.When some distant Aunty sees you and asks “Muk Sini Paisa Ne Baru?

What you say: O!! Maae Koie Thake Apunar Kotha.

What you wanted to say: Aapuni kun nu?

5.When someone shows off their Bf/Gf as in “Awwww! Isn’t she/he cute?”

What you say: O Hi/Tai Hosakei Cute!

What you wanted to say: Moi Nu Ki Korim Hi/Tai Cute Hole? Kinu Cute Hol Heitu!

6.When parents say “Ebar Engineering/Medical't Pale Tur Life Settle Hoi Jabo Aaru!”

What you say: Hobo Diya Tumaaluke Jeneke Kua Tenekei Korim.

What you wanted to say: Ki Je Koi Thake Aaru!! Moi Eneu Napau Seat!

7.When suddenly your partner decides to take a break and asks you to understand.

What you say: Of course, you can take all your time!

What you wanted to say: Moi Jaanu Iyaat Beleg Kunuba Aase! Time Lage and all, Eibur Sob Misa Kotha!

8.When your friend having a great job and a happening life texts you “I miss you”

What you text back: Yeah I miss you too buddy! Agotei Bhal asile!

What you wanted to text: Hobo De! Nijetu Bhaal Bhaal Jagat Ghuri Aaso! Muk He Miss Koribo pali aaru!

9.When someone tries befriending you forcefully. And they’re like “Yayee we’re new BFFs”

What you say: Yay!! I am so happy.

What you wanted to say: Kihor BFFs? Kaam Nai Aaru Mur?

10.When a guy says 'I Love You' After the first meeting Itself.

What you say: Hobo Diya! Aami Log Paisu He, Heibur Paasor Kotha.

What you wanted to say: Toi Keijonik I Love You Koiso Moi Bhalke Jaanu!

11.When someone from family asks if you’re on FB. And you can imagine the consequences.

What you say: Nai Moi FB't Nai!

What you wanted to say: Apunak Agotei Moi Block Kori Thoisu!

It is funny and at times relieving how we say something and often mean something else. Thank God for our ability to hide things, otherwise situations would have gone out of control. And we would be left with some bitter truths. So drop in your comments and let us know what you actually want to say!


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