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12 Axomiya Quotes That Float Around During the Exam Time

Purnendu Palash Baruah
Chief Content Developer, Bordoisila

6th January, 2016

Life is hard. So are exams. Dedicated to the innumerable sleepless nights we all have to spend. Cheers and all the best!

1.When you already know aakha kom ase!

2.When you know it is a upai nai situation

3.When you want to brush it under the carpet like a boss!

4.When you think not sleeping the night before would help. But then you realize, it doesn't.

5.When you know you nailed it!

6.When you know your friend nailed it!

7.When you just don't want your friend to pass.

8.That one favourite cliche.

9.When you want to pass it over to the Lord Almighty.

10.That dost-dost-na-raha moment!

11.When you just want to confirm!

12.When the Murphy's Law strikes at you head on!

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