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21 Assamese Slangs That Come Naturally To Every Axomiya

Bistirna Barua
Contributor, Bordoisila

14th May, 2016

There is something about the Axomiya language that makes it a delight and a respite for the ears. This language brims with possibilities: of thought, expression, expressiveness and also a certain aesthetics in what finally reaches the ears as audible sounds. Well known linguist David Crystal once remarked that the “Best way to judge any language is by its cuss words. For anger is one of the best initiator of creative expression.” Well our Axomiya language, stands true on that parameter to its very core. While most Axomiyas these days limit themselves to the usage and mis-usage of the K-word and the B-word there are a plethora of other Axomiya Gaalis too, much milder in their connotations, must subtler in their meanings and yet as effective and prudent. And the more interesting thing is as you traverse the length and breadth of this state, these Gaalis too change, especially say in Upper Axom and Lower Axom, and our creativity is on full display. This is never going to be an exhaustive list, and is in-fact a mere sample, I am sure there are many more to add to this.


No one actually can tell you if this is a compliment or a condemnation. I think this word’s beauty emerges, in how you contextualise it. To be called a Seni is to be reminded of your buttering capability, your ability to sweet talk someone too eventual intellectual submission. In Axom this word finds widespread usage in the communicative dealing and interaction between the two genders.


Literally translated means the Devil’s tail. Surely this   can’t be a compliment of your goodness! And in general indicates your Ku- Buddhi and also your ability to be the Devil if the need arises.


Generally used to reprimand kids, this gaali can also be an adjective. Generally it is used to define someone who leaves a trail of destruction anywhere he/she goes. A kind of a destroyer like Shiva, without Shiva’s inherent coolness and domboru ofcourse. Beware of the khotaxur in your house, especially if you have an Apple product.


Well if someone compares you to the canine family, generally that person doesn’t hold you in good esteem. And can be believed to think that like a dog you are only concerned about the bare minimalism of a bone. In short you are a selfish, uncaring fellow. I don’t think Axomiyas have evaluated Kukurs very well when they say this, well anyway.


If you are a Boizzat, you are gone case. In a goodness scale of 1-10, you languish probably in the negative. You might be into some kind of Kelenkari or the other. In short you are a shrewd bastard.


Generally means someone, who is too intoxicated to think clearly. Is too lazy to act actively. In short you may be harmless but boss, you are useless!


Generally a rude mouthed person. But girls in Axom use it sometimes as a backhand compliment to your dirty-talking skills too when they say “Oxovyo tu korbaar” with a rapidly vanishing smile !


I don’t know if this qualifies enough to be a gaali. Generally means a person who is obstinately adamant about what he wants and bores the shit out of everyone with his sheer adamancy.


If you are a Tetun Tamuli, Boss you are a shrewd, cunning, conniving individual like say Kaalia the crow from Tinkle. But you, actually are the alter ego, the villainous form of Kaalia and have a bag of tricks in your book, to outsmart and have your way by hook or crook.


This gaali is not just a testament to your potential to steal a goru, but also a standalone remark about your inborn tenacity to be so. If you are a goru sur, you can well almost do anything, both harmless and harmful and can do so at the slightest pretext.


If you are an ollo-goddho, boss you are an all-round Gadha. In a competition where you are the only participant, you still come last. You are like Suppandi, but only Suppandi made us laugh, well you obviously lack that too!!!


When you are described with the above, the speaker obviously thinks that you have done enough good deed and enough of goodness in you that you deserve to be eaten by a Tiger : as his/her lunch/dinner/breakfast. Nobody tells you that tiger are a dying breed and hence you will be actually supporting wild-life preservation that way!!!


If you are a Teli mura/muri the speaker obviously feels that success has gone to your head and that now your brain is replaced by oil. They never specify if it’s mustard/olive/ whatever. But generally it means that you have too much of a propensity to cause unilateral damage.


Generally used for the feminine gender, this typifies a woman who has her way. So well, if you are a feminist this might very well be a compliment. But then, this gaali is also used to indicate a woman rude in her behaviour, socially discourteous at times.


This is more an exclamatory negation of someone than a gaali per se, indicating the speaker knows much more than what is actually known to the listener about a person. Well, Shakespeare said it differently in Romeo & Juliet when he said “What’s in a Name” but then we aren’t Shakespeare, are we?


This is more an apt description for a dog suffering from a stray skin disease where his skin peels off, why is it used for humans though? Well obviously not in appreciation of your good skin tone, so feel free to make your guess!!!


This is used in many different avatars, basically as an adjective to define the aesthetic sentiments of someone. If you are a Fopish it is clear that your sense of aesthetics is more inspired by say Shakti Kapoor than Ranbir Kapoor.


A mild gaali used for a person who absolutely kills you with the monotony of his ideas or the incessant nature of his speech. If you are a kamur, everyone is advised to maintain a certain geographical distance from you before you catch them, like a plague.


Generally used to describe the highest pedigree of a Bodmaas, your bodmaasi can be felt as tremors in the richter scale and you are a bad influence on all and sundry.


If you are an Usaan Juwaa, baba you are already on the path of self-annihilation. Maybe you are a druggie, maybe you are a thief, no matter what evil thing you do, the fact is you can’t be saved boss. You are a gone case.


If you are a xorupa, you my friend are the highest form of Elehuwaa, your elehuwaa ness is of the Pi-pu: Xi-Xu variety. If there is a fire and tumar pithi purise, the maximum you will do is Xikati hoi xuba.

These are a simple sample, most of them from Upper Assam, some Lower Assam gaalis will follow post more extensive research, watch this space, bondhu xokol

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