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5 Small Screen Characters that Make the Khati Axomiya TV Time So Much Better

Roselina Borpatra Gohain
Intern, Bordoisila

18th February, 2016

The Assamese soap operas are the in thing nowadays. An industry which was in doldrums for a long time has come out brilliantly in the last couple of years. With its innovative and refreshing take on humor, these daily soaps have created a niche for themselves. They say, ‘Laughter is one of the best medicines’. And these Assamese soap operas definitely go a long way in giving us some relentless bouts of laughter. From the characters of Bharaghar to Beharbari outpost, it seems that the effortless and realistic approach taken by them has struck the most humorous chord with the Assamese audience. In other words, these dynamic and comical characters have taken Assamese entertainment to a different level altogether. So, let’s take a breather from our hectic lives, sit back and beam broad reading about 5 such rib-tickling characters.

1.Mr. Keut

Incredibly cunning with his hilarious plans, Mr. Keut from “Bharaghar” is always ready to teach someone a lesson. And many a times, he falls prey to his own plans.

2.Hemanta Kakoti

“Olop besi hol niki!” The owner of Bharaghar, Mr. Kakoti has got nuggets of wisdom for everyone and almost regularly taunts his son as, “Nikamma nalayak, dharti ka boj!”


Our very own CID officer Mohon. Because of his immature thinking, everyone makes a fool out of him, especially his favorite K.K. sir while the poor chap considers himself “horol and ismart”.

“Moi aaji kali horol aru ismart okon hoisu sir”

4.Krishna Komol Khataniar

A very talkative person and an extreme miser, he is the Head constable of Beharbari outpost. Better known as K.K. da, he absolutely enjoys bossing around his subordinates.

“Eh Mojja.” “Awe Hori Awe Ram”


“O’ sir, sir O’”. Her total gaonliya style of talking and her perfect English words would make you crack up like never before.

“O’ ma toi ako usenelseles (senseless) hoi goli”

I know you guys are picturing them now, ain’t you? Actually, there is no reason why you shouldn’t because these Axomiya serial characters are way too funny to go un-noticed. Do you know any such character other than these who makes you laugh out loud? If yes, please drop your favorite character’s name in the comment section below! And for the ones who are still unaware of these special stress-busters, tune into Rang channel and Rengoni right away without wasting even a split second!

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