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7 Bhoyongkor Dilemmas You Face on a Bone-Chilling Wintry Morning

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

25th January, 2016

Winters have always been wintry. But, with the advent of the great assamese month of ‘MAGH’, the winters in Assam get into a rejuvenating mood and start cascading all the more refreshing bouts of wintry stuff. Such is its ‘Prokoop’ that we Assamese, sometimes, say in jest, “Magh Maah’ot Baagh’u kope” (Even the tigers shiver during the month of Magh).

Although, the noon, at times, brings in some respite with the mercury showing up, the mornings are mercilessly cold and can send our very souls on a shivering spree unless we are cozily tucked under our thick blankets. But, as massively painful as it might be, we all have to get out of our blankets and see through the day. So, let’s glance through some dead-serious dilemmas we face on such 'haar- kopuwa ' mornings.


When you’ve to go to college or work but you are too scared to leave your bed.


When you need to take a poop but the chillness of the innermost surface of the toilet seat holds you back from sitting on it.


When the mere thought of ‘Thanda Pani’ trickling down your body freaks you out but getting warm water seems time-consuming.


When you fear wetting your hair might get you sick.


When you can’t decide on how thick a layer of clothes could beat the chill outside.


When your mom shouts from behind as you step out, “Dingit kiba ekhon mari nolo kio?” But, you think, “Dhei! Imanu bemari  hua nai aaru moi.”


When you walk out of your home only to witness overcast skies inviting you to hit the bed again.

We get caught in different kinds of dilemmas. But, even if all those dilemmas are put together, they just can’t outweigh the “THANDA DINOR” dilemmas. Hey! Hang on! Are you are still in a dilemma whether you should accept or reject that marriage proposal? C’mon! Get real. Grow up. Get serious. Ha-Ha! Just dhemali korisu dei. Now, please don't be in a dilemma and just tag your friends facing such matters of life or death everyday.

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