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7 Dialogues That Shows How We Do the Emotional Atyachar On Our Parents

Arindom Neog
Intern, Bordoisila

29th February, 2016

Emotional extortion or Emotional blackmailing or Emotional Atyachar is a way of manipulating one or more to receive something from them by means of creating a fearsome moment, worries, etc. The world has become an unreliable place to stay with lots of non-human stuffs, hatred that affects the relationship with humans, love. Powerless when refused to get what we want, we instantly make way to play with our ma deuta's feelings which is not great at all, but we anyways do it. Many ways how we use to emotionally atyachar on our parents are listed below-


And the bullet strikes in our parent's heart @ 100 km/h. To accomplish the objectives set, dieting by letting our parents know is the common process. Plus we get to melt down some of our fats too.


That's the blackmail phrase of the decade if you got siblings in your home and the speechless moment of the decade for the parents if they got a chain of children.


Striking our career for a bit can be a bigger issue for our parents because parent's first law of a child, a day without books is relative to 10 days without sleep. Celebrating your own saraswati puja eh?


Mood swings play a major role in this blackmail process. The silent mode makes our parents realize we are in deep grief or we are in need of something.

mom- 'huntu gas tu off kori de sun',


mom-'eyar ki hol ako'


It's like seeking independence from the british just before 15th of August 1947. To ensure ourselves there is no natsuram godse-like situation from dad the following phrase follows- 'deutak kobo nalage, moi godhuli hua agote ghorot pai jam hi'.


We indulge ourselves in oath taking ceremony to convince our mom and dad to give what we want.


To balance the equation of the attacks made by our parents, this phrase is used as a self-defense and as the first step towards making parents feel sympathy for us because we are the survivors of the fittest. Meanwhile, from our friends- 'ghorot argar gali khalu bey'.

But let's be one thing straight. Usually the way most of us treat our parents is never supposed to be the way they should be treated. Their intentions for us are far more better than our own intentions for ourselves because they have graduated our stage and they want us to be more than them. There is always a plan B for everything. They are growing old, let their remaining years be filled with happiness and love created by you because we are their number one priority.Be happy and create happiness.

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