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7 Hilarious Advices an Axomiya Lora Gives To Another Axomiya Lora After a Break Up

Bikramjeet Sutradhar
Contributor, Bordoisila

4th May, 2016

Axomiya Lora’s are very empathetic. They are good at consoling someone especially when they had a break up and have been crying like heaven’s sorrow. These are 7 best instances we have come across that depict the humorous side of the Axomiya lora’s talent in consoling a friend having suffered a break up.

1.They are good at motivating people and leave you with the strength not to lose heart .Hopes should stay alive.

Baad de bey , suwalir ki obhab neki ???

2.They will complement you and make you feel good about yourself.

“Toi kela eman handsome, suwali anei pabi

3.They will insult your emotional and short-lived sissy character .

“Eman ke kandiso je, suwali neki

4.They will make you realize the fact that you are bringing a bad name to their species by crying for her.

Toi lora jatir naam dubabi

5.No matter what , they are with you always.

Ami asu no , Kela

6.They so easily advise you to forget her like it wasn’t a big deal.

Pahori jaa bey taik

7.And the ultimate solution to all situations

“ Baad de bey , bol maal khau

Whatever the facts are, these few advices definitely bring you out of your blues for sometime and make you feel like ‘kandi kandi hahi diu at that moment.

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