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7 Hilarious Superstitions Every Assamese Can Relate To

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

20th March, 2016

Superstitions are age old beliefs which have no rarionale behind them . They are the legacy of every civilization and Assam is no exception in this case. It is such a land where we adhere to a plethora of superstitions. There are a lot of sciences defying these illogical beliefs but little do we care and simply don't stop believing and using them in our everyday lives.  Here is a list 7 most common superstitions I bet most of still believe in.

1.Black cat crossing your path brings bad omen-

The simple incident of a black cat crossing our path is often linked with Bad Luck by many of us and we go like

“Heiya sua mekurie rasta par hol, 4 khuj pisuai ahi dour dia” (Poor Malevolent Villain)

2.Ouch!!! That eye twitch

The moment our left eye twitches we always come up with the conclusion

“Aji nischoy kiba eta bea hobo”

3.Our right palm itches and we anticipate something good coming our way

Whenever we are having an itchy right palm, we boast like–

“Hu haath khon khojuaise jano, aji poisa pam bujiso”

4.Beware! Those bloody hiccups can make a petty thief out of you

We even have a latent reason for this one.

“Tur hekuti bondhoi hua nai kiba kotha lukaisono”

5.That magic lizard fall rushes in good fortune for us

Even the slimy wall crawlers impart luck for us and we console our friends saying

“Bhoi nokoribi, jethi poratu bor bhal shagun”

6.The mysterious chokes have a lot to say

A sudden choke while eating or drinking makes us skeptical and we buzz like

“Hothat sorsoni khalu je kunubae muk monot pelaise”

7.Say NO to night whistles unless you are a snake charmer

Whenever somebody whistles aloud at night in front of us, we come up with

“Dhet rati huhuri nobojaba, hap (Snake) ahibo”

Are you superstitious enough? It's no felony, chill! So drop in your share of superstitions right below in the comment section and show the world you don't give a hoot.

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