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7 Times You Just Can't Stop Yourself From Blurting Out Maa Kosom

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

15th March, 2016

We Assamese people are so fond of using our indigenous lingos that whatever be the situation; either it is grief, happiness or anger, we just can't help using them. And here comes the mother of all such lingos - Maa Kosom, the one which cuts across each one of us. So, presenting to you 7 epic occasions where we can't resist but utter Maa Kosom.

1.Whenever an Assamese boy admires a pretty girl.

2.That moment of irk when we need to settle scores with someone.

3.When we are unable to recollect anything in exams.

4.That moment of fear when your family member spots you with your love.

5.When you are convincing someone that you are speaking the truth.

6.That moment when your friend asks for some cash but you're all broke.

7.When you really fall for someone.

So, how did you like it? Maa Kosom, beya laga buli kole hudai neru kintu. Ha ha!

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