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8 Things Only an Assamese Class-Bunker Can Relate to

Roselina Borpatra Gohain
Intern, Bordoisila

5th February, 2016

“Boi, aaji class bunk koru.” The word bunk can light up the eyes of even the laziest of bums. After having spent ten long years in school following a rigid structure, the much-needed freedom that one gets to enjoy in the form of bunking in college is worthy of all kinds of adoration. When the college classes seem never ending; the lazy people sleep, creative people dream and the third kind go for the way better option, which is BUNK! Oh, come on! Admit it, you have bunked classes too. I mean who doesn’t?

Cool, then. Let’s have a look at a few things only an Assamese class bunker would relate to.

1.You have a fair idea of the coolest hang-out places in the town

Because that is where you go along with your friends when you bunk your classes. "Oi boi, aaji beleg eta jegaloi jao, jot aamak Ma'am’e nedekhe".

2.At least half of your subject teachers don’t know you

No surprise! How can you expect them to know you when you are rarely seen in the class, hoi nai kua?

3.You use your absence from the class as an excuse when your teacher quizzes you

"Ma'am I was absent in the last class". Isn't that the only excuse you make every time your teacher asks you questions related to the previous class? I bet it is.

4.You get quality time to spend with your love

Ahem! Coffee in winter, hand-in-hand walks in monsoon and ice cream in summer with your love is just not possible if you simply keep sitting inside the class. Bunking comes as the saviour for the ‘pabho juras’.

5.You have fun with friends

Many a times, we direly want to run away with friends for a couple of hours and get into those unproductive but extremely relaxing long hours of gupshup. Yes, bunking gives us all!

6.You actually end up sharing a good rapport with one or more teachers

Hang on! Don’t raise your eyebrows as yet. Actually, when you bunk, you don't get attendance and when you are running low on attendance, you scamper to your teacher to sweet-talk him into marking you safe. While some flunk in this process, the chalu ones don’t just pull it off but also end up developing strong ties with that teacher.

7.You enjoy peace, real peace

Yes, you get peace! The lengthy and boring classes can get on your nerves at times and make you feel terrible. So, you set out in total defiance to earn some “Xanti". Rocking!

8.You bounce back harder when you attend the next class

Everybody needs a break. It takes the edge off you and refreshes your soul. The next class you attend after a gap, you stay awfully alert and answer at the peak of your voice. Ha-ha!

I agree that bunking, sometimes, may lead to serious consequences. But come on! It's college. We’re supposed to be doing all this! Always bear in mind raaiz, "If you do nothing different now, you will have nothing to talk about in your old age". So, start acting tikhor and naughty but, terms and conditions applied.  


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