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9 Ways The Axomiya News Channels Annoy Us With Their Stupidity.

Irfan Khondker
Contributor, Bordoisila

21st February, 2016

From the passion of educating people to a business of making a living out of informing people, media has come a long way. With the emergence of local news channels, no doubt people are getting an easy access to the latest happenings around, but at the same time, the competition for TRP has grown so much that in the race of being the best, they sometimes annoy the audience. I am sure every one of you has been a victim of the torture unleashed by our “OXOMIYA SENNELS” and here are a few tactics they deploy to vex us to the core, time and again.

1.How can every channel have the same exclusives?

Exclusive news is something which only you have and no one else has it. But here, every channel has got the same “exclusive”. Ironically, they even show a similar footage of the same “exclusive”. They forget that the audiences have a device called remote control through which channels can be switched and they can be caught red handed lying with that tag of exclusive. Moreover, the strip with the word exclusive written boldly on it is highlighted so much that you can hardly see what’s actually happening in the footage.

2.Repeating only one or two lines of an incident for hours.

In the name of breaking news with shaky footages, the so-called “news” is repeated so many times that the words literally get implanted in the memory of the audiences in such a way that they can even recollect it during a “memory loss”. The channels get on the loop mode from the end of the commercial break until the break starts again, have some Pieces of Kit-Kat or a Tamul during the break and then continue it for the entire day.

3.Breaking news is found in abundance – A true miracle.

Breaking news are the unusual events that spring up all of a sudden, and are of such importance that the channel has to stop the ongoing bulletin to air that piece of news. But here, every event is breaking news. Even a three day old Bahi Khobor or a pre planned demonstration or press meet is breaking. In fact, breaking news is so common that a popular TV channel has got the name of a show after it.

4.Screaming Voiceovers for impact or dis-impact are so rife.

The only way to differentiate a hard news from a soft news is voiceovers. Here, decibels of the voice decide the kind of news it is. Higher the decibels, harder the news is. The way the voiceover people in these channels scream, one really wonders if they are all fine after the bulletin. Equally mysterious is the kind of rehearsal they go through to produce such a worrisome voice.

5.Live Debate Anchor or Live Debate viewer – That’s a mystery.

No doubt that Assam has produced one of the finest live debate anchors of the country in the form of Arnab Goswami, but, unfortunately, his counterparts here are not being able to keep pace with the legend. Most of the local anchors just trigger a verbal fight between the groups , watch the game for a few minutes before announcing the break and repeat the same for the entire time slot allotted to them. In addition, few panelists are invited who seem to be experts of almost everything- from crime to politics to environment to fashion and most importantly, they claim to be the protector of “OXOMIYA XOMAJ”.

6.Contents are so awesome that even the NEWS becomes a non-family show sometimes.

Suti Skirt, Modahi Juboti, altercations between husband and wife with all the beeps, portraying fashion shows in the bad light and all the jazz is so common that one feels uncomfortable to watch it with parents and elders. It also makes you feel bad about the society. What irritates you the most is the use of the word “Hundori Juboti” – ‘Dude, do you really need to use that adjective?’

7.Live coverage is done just for the sake of testing the OB van’s functioning.

Even the most insignificant incidents in Assam go LIVE; be it a traffic jam, a regular demonstration, a school doing a good result or a stage show. Everything else is still considerable, but a stage show going LIVE, that too in a News channel for 5/6 hours sounds weird! Apart from this, you always get to see some self-proclaiming musicians and singers distorting the creations of the legendary musicians, across all the news channels. So, watch out! You might just confuse these multi-purpose news channels with some actual music channels!

8.Sensational headlines are used to glorify a numb story.

Flashy colors, loud words, screaming voiceovers in an eardrum piercing tone – all these are used to excite the audience and draw their full attention to a piece of news which is nothing but an usual story. Many a times, we find no connection between the content and what the anchor had announced it to be during the start of the news! This makes the audience go mad over the channel.

9.Too much of opinionated views take the charm away.

We are here to get the information in the most neutral way and forming opinions is the job of the viewers. We have our own sense, our own ideology and logic to form a judgment over a piece of information. We just do not need an imposed view.

Although our news channels are not devoid of flaws, we must admit that they have played a vital role in exposing many frauds in almost all the sectors. They do not even fear to point out the mistakes of any given person and name him audaciously, no matter how powerful that person is. Some of the activities of these news channels may irritate us but, to be honest, we cannot live without them. Our day is not complete without these channels.

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