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The Best of Bhaal Lage-Ideas That Made Us Smile at The First Read Itself

Team Bordoisila
Team Bordoisila, Bordoisila

26th December, 2015

Inspired by the likes of The Happy Page, Life is better et al, we decided to spread some happy hormones designed with you in mind thus #BhaalLage doodles. It was just an experimental idea but we are glad you love it so much. We have posted over a hundred doodles over the past few weeks and here are the top ten ideas that were loved the most.

1. Amlan Phukan

2. Hirak Jyoti Saikia

3. Qibahs Akirazah

4. Himanka Boruah

5. Rajreeni Saikia

6. Priyanka Kar

7. Pollob Gogoi

8. Zubee Azmi

9. Anku Medhi & Raktim Hazarika

10. Jayasree Sur

11. Sukanya Gogoi

We have prepared the list based on the number of likes the doodle received until 25th December, 2015.

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