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10 Annoying Things Only An Assamese Having Curly Hair Can Relate To

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

18th March, 2016

Your hair is one of the most prevalent features of your personality. Those strands you’ve got, contribute a major portion of your entire look. While long straight hair is preferred, the ones with the curly locks look gorgeous, if someone knows how to handle them. And that isn’t easy at all.

Being a curly myself, I bring you the few common dialogues that all the Assamese Curly Haired people can relate to :

1.When you take an inspiration from the models and try to go out with the curls open

People be like, “Bandhi nothou nu kio ei Jopora suli khini?”, and all the fashion goes out of the window.

2.The advices that come to you, even though you didn’t ask for

“Mathat Tel Di Thobi Sun, sulikhini olop bhal hobo!” as if straight hairs need no oiling.

3.The unrequited efforts to straighten them up

It has become almost natural to go for hair straightening for the curly hairs. For everyone thinks “Taik/Taak Straight suli t besi suit koribo”.

4.The people with curls have a universal nick name for their hairs

They are all addressed as, “Soraair Baah khini loi kot jao Oi?”

5.The curls don’t usually fit the “standard” girly attributes

Everyone wants the “Dhuniya, ujjwal rong, Dighol Seedha Suli” girls. The curly ones often don’t fit in the format.

6.You wake up with your unruly bunch

And your siblings be like, “Kali raati toofan ahisil niki tur roomot?

7.And the joke is always on your hair

If you’re searching for something, your friends never fail to say, “Tur sulir khinir maajot herai gol sage”.

8.You will be asked why haven’t you tried growing your hair

And inside of you says, “Jua ek bosoror pora moi sulie kota nai”. But your hair still looks the same.

9.Your hair is like an amusement for others

Everyone will touch your hair and would go, “Kenekua Maggie type sua, eri dile nijei roll hoi jai”; and in the meantime, you’re fighting inside to look pleased.

10.When the girls with perfect straight hairs compliment you

“Tumaarei bhal; suli nohorein”, what they don’t get is that; no matter how much hair loss you face, the volume stays the same.

Curly hair is quite a trouble, I know. But that is what many of us are born with. And once you get the grip and know to manage them, they can look fabulous on you. So, the ones with the untameable whirls; flaunt your hairs’ liberality and keep them go stylish!


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