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10 High-Sounding Election Slogans That Changed The Face of Indian Politics Forever

Pallav Senngupta
Intern, Bordoisila

7th March, 2016

Elections are a much-hyped thing in India. It comes as an eclipse, once in every five years but leaves the impact of a festival. It is the time for creative posters, verbal war-fares and most importantly, catchy slogans. As incredible and amusing as it may sound, but many parties have turned the tables on their opponents by playing the trump card of highly-creative and catchy “one-liners”. So, let’s try having a look at some of the most popular electoral slogans which became a trend-setter besides bringing in a massive victory for the respective political parties.











Every season, the election campaign turns out to be no less than a soap-opera with the rival parties taking pot-shots at each other or exchanging fake pleasantries in public. But, once the elections get over, things move back to square one and the public tends to forget all that jazz. What, however, lingers on in their psyche are the catchy, striking and larger-than-life electoral slogans. Some of these even become catchphrases and stay with us for an indefinite window of time.

So, then, as the Assam state elections are approaching fast and one is already getting a load of the political parties locking horns with each other, are you ready to take in a few impactful slogans and take your electoral experience to a different level altogether.

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