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10 Ways Holi Adds Colour To The Life Of Every Assamese

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

23rd March, 2016

“Range phagu khele chaitanya banamali, Duhate phagur gunda sichanta murari”

With historical significance depicting victory of evil upon the good, Holi is the most colourful of all the festivals. It embarks the coming of spring with warmth and happiness. Holi is celebrated throughout the country irrespective of castes, communities and genders. It colours our entire nation and many other parts of the world too in an unified way. And although Holi is about the vibrancies of the hues, in Assam, there's a lot more to it. Let us see how Holi colours every Assamese in its own way-

1.We call Holi with a more locale name

In Assam, Holi is better known as  “Fakuwa”. That way it sounds more Assamese to us!

2.It is the Dol Jatra Of Axom

It has special traditional roots in Barpeta, where it is celebrated for 3-4 days. It is called the festival of Heaven.

3.Here Holi isn’t just about the colours

In Assam, Holi is also about the fireworks, the ritual of Meshadaha, the Sattra dance, the celebration of love in the honour of Lord Krishna, the commemoration of Sankardev and of course, the “Faku”.

4.There’s the plotting to zero down on that one friend who doesn’t like colouring much

: There will be a gang versus the target. “Taak/Taik Eibaar Eri Diya Nohobo!”

5.When Deuta takes you to the shop you always eye for those fancy water sprays

Every season, there comes a variety of water guns or sprays and we fondly call them “Phiskaaris”.

6.Then there will always be a group who decides not to play

Those “Aamak Je Rong Nologaba Dei, Aami Nekhelu!” types. But hardly anyone listens to those please 

7.This is the only day the parents allow their kids to get dirty

This is that one day when the parents won’t be saying, “Kor Pora Imaan Letera Hoi Ahiso?” It is like the liberty day for them.

8.And is also the day when the “Deka Loras” can think of facing the “Gabhoru Sualis” bravely

The common dialogue would be, “Ji Hupa Rong Thopi Jaam, Keneke Nu Sinipabo Muk Tai?”

9.Holi breaks the inhibitions of gender and allows everyone to enjoy equally

Everyone colours each other. And if someone grunts with an angry face, you can always say, “Dada/Bhonti ,Beya Nepaba. Holi Hoi!”

10.The celebration does not just end with colours and waters

It is like “Jetia Loike Buka Paani Nedhale, Bhal Nalage!”

India is vast and its diversities are wider than the boundaries of the country itself. Every place has its own story and own style of celebrating. So this was a small way to enshrine the speciality of Holi in Assam. In the times when inhumanities are all around, let the colours wash away the distances and differences. Have the most colourful Fakuwa ahead. Holi Hai!


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